Turn Your Room into your Dancefloor
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For many people who are staying at home today, listen to music can be enough for entertainment to fill ourselves with emotion and have a therapeutic moment with our favourite playlist. And dancing is another fun activity that we might need during the self-quarantine by filling up the atmosphere of our house full of energy and break the sweat from it. 

Dancing is apart of human nature, the physical response that one might not realise as soon as a human automatically moves around their body reacting to the rhythm and beat of the music. It’s a historical tradition that one can find in the celebration of the indigenous community over centuries ago after music was founded.

One can dance without music but the nature of tempo, beat, and rhythm could create such a natural reaction to our brain that touches our motoric sensory. If music can bring us to a certain type of emotion, dancing can demonstrate that feeling into movement. As we might know, a different type of dance came from a diverse range of music genres and songs. Let’s throwback to the era when everybody was shuffling when people listened to LMFAO’s Party Rock Anthem or just remember how South Korean artist’s PSY made a huge turnout in global presence with Gangnam Style dance.

Human intelligence could react in a different way when the songs with the minor or major keys are played. Dancing can practically manifest the emotion throughout our body, create the abstract of our feeling into physical form. When we can turn our emotions through dancing, one might feel the personal experience of self-relief, give us beautiful sensations when music and our body connects through emotion.

For those staying at home, dancing might not be a thing for some people, and few of them are shy to express their feeling through dancing. Gather in the group, invite members of the family to dance, and have fun with it. Individuals don’t need to be experts in dancing but at least one can try it. Dance can be an exercise and it can be the medium to improve the level of confidence. Most importantly, feel the mood of the music and create a choreograph from it. This can be a new form of therapy for ourselves at home.

From Classic Swan Lake’s Ballet to urban contemporary choreography, here are the inspirations for all of you who want to dance and turn your house into the centre stage. 

Classic and Contemporary Ballet

Create a moment of contemplation through classical music and make a gentle choreograph from it. Slow and orchestral music can bring us to the ease and deeper emotion, allows one to explore the physical emotion of their body. Learn from ballet dancers or any choreographers that provide one to practice dance with the range of flexible and emotional movements. For example, Adele’s song Hello could bring us to the depth of emotion with the slow phase movement of our body. 

Pop Song Sensation

Pick a song from Madonna, Britney Spears, Michael Jackson, and other pop stars then explore their signature dance moves to practice at home. Moon Walking, Vogueing, and another type of popular choreography from those artists can make youfeel like all those pop stars. Want to feel empowered? Beyoncé’s song might be your go-to music to make yourself live like a “Diva”.

Hip-hop and Street Dance

There are so many hip-hop, street, and urban contemporary choreographers that you could dive into for anyone have those of you who have special interest in this type of dance. As the popularity of this dance is spreading in youth culture, one can check dance classes from renowned choreographers such as Matt Stefania, JoJo Gomez, Alexander Chung, Kyle Hanagami or Wildabeast to learn to dance with swag and a dose of coolness. 

80s Awkward-Style and Disco Reminisce

One might remember that the 80s era provided us with some of the historical best club-house dances in decades. If you discover the archive, some of the dances are created with silly and awkward signature moves. Explore the old song from the 80s and pick popular disco songs to reminisce that funky era. Parents who lived in that era might be up to this.

Turn Your Room into your Dancefloor

Romantic Couple Dance

After having dinner, the young couples could have a romantic session with their loved ones by playing some of the love songs and have a have an intimate dance in the dimmed light. If some of youwant to have a little bit fun with your loved ones; salsa, flamenco, and tap-dance are among the top recommendations.

Hi-NRG Dance with EDM

Hi-NRG music with up-tempo can create a relieving sensation like one moving and jumping a lot in the club or in any EDM music festival. This type of music could be also the thematic playlist for your own fitness routine including Zumba and other exercises. Pick the song from your favourite DJs, put your hand in the air, and break that sweat!

Head Banger with Rock Song

Feeling angry and anxious during the day at home, lock the door for a moment, bang your head down, mix it with random moves on your bed with the rock song. Pick the favourite song from the Rockstar, act like you just punch people in the face, and scream like a rock star. This can be a self-reliving moment from bad vide of temper.

African Beat and Indigenous Choreo

Adapt some of the local and indigenous dance to be practised at home. African beat or local inspiration of Dayak and Papuan dance could be the source for dance that close to celebration and festivities. One might know Sajojo and Poco-Poco dance that is close to every soul of Indonesians. 

Tiktok Dance Inspiration

The rising video platform, TikTok provides a diverse range of content including dance that one could adapt as a dance routine. Some of them are cool and the others are funny ones. If you are into the trendy ones, it can share it to friends and family. Since many people staying at home for an extended period, one might also know that many individuals and families even created a silly dance on the floor and on their bedroom to release their boredom during the lockdown.

Or Create your own choreography and inspire others to dance!

Rintang Azhar

Rintang Azhar

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