On August 20th, the Australian Independent School (AIS) will commemorate its 20th anniversary and all the school’s staff, teachers, students and community will celebrate the remarkable two decade journey through a series of inspirational events, culminating in a Family Fair (Family Fun Day) that will feature a 3-D trick eye museum, a live music performance, many games to attract the children, pop-up market stalls and of course, a festive fireworks display to close the evening.


AIS was founded on July 15th 1996 by Penny Robertson in a rambling suburban bungalow. The school started with eleven students ranging from Kindergarten to Year 10 under the supervision of five teachers,  a Principal, and two support staff. It was not much to look at, but it served to lay the foundations of what today makes AIS a leading educational institution.


AIS set out to and continues to provide a world class standard of education in Indonesia based on the Australian education system. One of the most outstanding values that has persisted through time and one which sets AIS apart from other schools in the region is its belief that education should be the right of all children regardless of ability. AIS is especially well-known for being a comprehensive school where every child, regardless of nationality, race, religion, language or learning ability is accepted, valued, and encouraged to achieve their fullest potential.


Twenty years later, AIS has 4 campuses in three major cities in Indonesia, Jakarta, Bali and Balikpapan. The school currently employs over 400 staff and has over 800 students from six continents and over 40 nationalities, 3% of which are children with learning disabilities. In the past twenty years 10,000 students have passed through AIS and the school has received UN recognition for its efforts in inclusive education. The school received a standing ovation during the Special Education Network in Asia (SENIA) conference last year where it was awarded a Special Education Advocacy Award for being an exemplary inclusive school.


Today, AIS has successfully undergone the transformation from a small school, with a handful of students and a limited curriculum, into one of the main players in the education sector in Indonesia. It is an accredited member of the Council of International Schools and its Pejaten campus is authorised to teach the IB Diploma.

The journey of AIS will still continue as the school is committed to offering a world-class education and a stimulating learning experience in an evironment where diversity is embraced and celebrated. Happy anniversary, AIS!


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