UKKU is a collaborative program between the managers and members of MVB Indonesia 2016 which provides underprivileged women with a stock of products to start a small retail business. This enables them to become independent businesspeople and provide for their families.

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In cooperation with Yayasan Biji Sesawi, a local foundation dedicated to helping and training people from underprivileged backgrounds, MVB Indonesia provided ten deserving women with products contributed by MVB partners; Coca Cola (provided by Coca Cola Amatil), sarongs (provided by Sarung Gajah Duduk), naphthalene balls and domestic essentials (provided by the Bagus Group), biscuits (from Unibis), and food products (from Anggana Group)

The home furnishing retailer IKEA Indonesia participated by equipping each kiosk with a table, chairs and a rack to display the products. Coca Cola Amatil Indonesia is also providing retail training for the ladies. Each of the ladies was also provided with a smartphone courtesy of telecommunications operator Telkomsel. The smartphone is equipped with the electronic cash payment system TCASH, which enables the ladies to earn commissions on utilities and other payments made through the system, backed up by Bank BPTN.


“We have partnered with nine MVB Indonesia members who have helped us create UKKU, and the idea is to help these women create their own businesses and become self-sustaining by generating their own incomes,” Chief Executive of MVB International Eamonn Sadler said during the press conference.

Chairman of MVB Indonesia Alistair Speirs added “We believe that with the full support of MVB Indonesia members, and the skills training augmented by moral guidance and supervision from Yayasan Biji Sesawi as well as other assistance from the team, this program will do very well. We plan to expand the program in the future and provide a sustainable living for more people in need all over Indonesia.”

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MVB and its generous members hope this program might help to improve the quality of life for some of Indonesia’s underprivileged communities, not by simply giving money to the poor, but by giving people a real business opportunity and the chance to independently provide for their families.

If you would like to join MVB and support its sustainability   and environmental programs send an email to or call Phoenix Communications (official representative of MVB in Indonesia) on +62-21 781 3212

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