While the increasing preference in the expat community is for convenience and safety which means selecting from an excellent choice of apartments, there are still many who love the fact that there are still houses of style and character available in Jakarta.

Here we feature three which are perhaps above the normal expectation but show exactly what can be done with a little thought (and a reasonable budget!).

The first is located in South West Jakarta and one the finest open plan houses we have come across. Occupied by an Australian gentleman and his wife, the house has large open spaces over two floors, an amazing array of different dining options, a beautiful swimming pool (with a fish pond at one end and a pool cafe at the other!) and an open-to-the-elements-barbeque area. But the views both front and rear make it a dream come true.

The second home is perhaps above the expectations of the average expat and is the home of a successful natural resources investor whose desire to surround himself with art and antiques was truly satisfied in his splendid entertainment area, separate from the main living area of the house. Decorated in Italian style, and featuring serious works of art and sculpture, this home is the epitome of gracious living.

Our last home is one where simplicity and ethnicity take over. Again located in South Jakarta, this British-Indonesian couple have the benefit of a green view from their relaxed rattan furnished conservatory which leads back to an all antique and Balinese art dining room. A family home ready to welcome anyone tired of the Jakarta traffic to its quiet and cool rooms.


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