The Harvest Patissier & Chocolatier seems to never run out of creative ideas. Later last month, this Indonesia’s leading pastry shop chain just launched their newest product named Madeline Rose Cake.


Uniquely composed of strawberry and mango cheese mousse laying on top of a vanilla sponge cake, the trio creating such heavenly treat. You can taste the sweetness and fresh sourness of the local strawberries which complementing the Italian mango puree nicely while the vanilla bottom layer fits just right to combine the two.


“We were inspired by the fact how much people love strawberries, according to our survey, and mango is also a favorite as well. And,why (it is called) rose, because everyone mostly welcomes and loves roses, just like we want the cake to be,” the Harvest’s Director of Food and Beverages Lia Purnomo said on the official launch at its Senopati outlet. Madeline Rose Cake is available at from IDR 170,000 to 1,715,000, depending on the size.