Today, a healthy lifestyle has become an important part of modern life, especially for those who live in big cities such as Jakarta. This can be seen from the number of fitness centres that are packed with gym bunnies every day.

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In order to accommodate the needs of fitness enthusiasts, many new innovations continue to emerge to avoid boredom in your gym ritual. Fitness centres seem to be competing to provide something new and creative that can take fitness rituals to the next level. Here are our picks of the latest trends in the fitness world that you should give a try.

Aqua Fitness
Aqua fitness is made for those who enjoy playing in the water. Different from other kinds of workout, water acts as a cushion for the body’s weight-bearing joints, reducing stress on muscles, tendons and ligaments. As a result, aquatic workouts are low impact and can greatly reduce the injury and strain common to most land based exercises. Aqua fitness is suitable for people of all ages and abilities.

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Why: Not only is it fun, the workout also promises many benefits, from increasing muscle strength, building endurance, increasing flexibility, burning calories, reducing blood pressure and most importantly, releasing stress and decreasing anxiety.
Where: Jakarta Aquatic Centre

High-Intensity Interval Training
High-Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) is ideal for those who have a busy schedule. HIIT is a training technique that consists of quick, intense bursts of exercise, followed by short, sometimes active, recovery periods. By incorporating intense periods of work with short recovery segments, interval training helps you give maximum intensity while still maintaining your exercise form.

Why: Although it is intense and tough, HIIT is liked by many fitness enthusiasts for its many benefits. Through HIIT training, you are likely to burn much more fat than any other workouts. It can give your metabolism a boost and it helps to build endurance and is very good for the health of your heart.
Where: 20fit,  Soulbox Jakarta

Boot Camp Workout
Boot camp workouts are inspired by military training which combines intense strength training and aerobic elements, meaning that they are very challenging for some people. Boot camp training, which is conducted by a gym instructor, personal trainer, or even military personnel, usually begins with dynamic stretching and running, followed by a wide variety of interval training, including lifting weights or other heavy objects, pulling rubber TRX straps, pushups, situps, various types of explosive routines, or martial arts moves.

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Why: When done consistently, boot camps really boost your fitness. Other benefits of this workout include the fact that it burns calories effectively, improves cardiovascular endurance, builds confidence, and reduces stress.
Where: Master Boot Camp, Military Fitness Basic Training

Functional Training
The popularity of functional fitness has increased over the past years as more and more people believe that it is the most effective way to train. The training uses bands, balls, free-weights and plyometric exercises in an attempt to condition the body in an unstable environment. Functional fitness builds your body capability for carrying out real life activities in real time, unlike ordinary gymming where you just lift a specific weight in an idealized position, sometimes even formed by a gym machine.


Why: Functional training helps to boost your strength, stability, power, mobility, endurance and flexibility that you need to thrive as you move through your life and sports. Functional training utilizes exercises that improve your movement proficiency in the primary patterns to give you an edge and enhance your performance so you can achieve your goals safely and with good health.
Where: Celebrity Fitness, Soulbox

Yoga is unlikely to leave the fitness trends in the near future. As it comes in a variety of forms, Yoga seems to reinvent and refresh itself every year, making it a more attractive type of exercise. Yoga is believed to give countless benefits for its practitioners which including Increasing flexibility, increasing muscle strength and tone, improving respiration, energy and vitality, and maintaining a balanced metabolism. Yoga also is a good exercise for weight reduction, cardio and circulatory health, and one of the best therapies to release stress and anxiety.


Try: There are many types of yoga available these days, if you want to try something more challenging rather than just a basic yoga, opt for Ashtanga Yoga, Iyangar Yoga, Anti-Graviti Yoga, Kundalini and Yin Yoga.

Wearable Technology
In addition to various innovative training, Wearable technology is touted as the biggest fitness trend this year. The device is a must-have gadget for gym bunnies nowadays. A wearable device is an electronic technology added to clothing and/or accessories that are worn on an individual’s body.


They are designed so as not to interfere with the body while performing exercises, including standard activities that occur at a gym. Wearable technology, like a fitness tracker, helps you to get a better understanding of activity and fitness levels on a daily basis. Also, it enables individuals to monitor the changes over a period of time, and be able to see how much they have improved when doing different workout regimes. Its stylish design is another reason why every fitness enthusiast should get one .of that fashionable and sophisticated devices now!

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