The 54th WIC Annual Charity Bazaar, is scheduled to take place on 9 November 2023, at the Jakarta Convention Center – Hall B, from 9am – 8pm. This year’s bazaar welcomes around 50 new vendors with a total of 225 local vendors, each offering a diverse selection of products. 

From fashion and jewellery to home decor and scented candles, visitors are given an endless array of options, approximately 40 embassy booths will also join to unite the entrepreneurial spirits of women from across the globe. The WIC Bazaar boasts 29 food stalls from various regions of Indonesia, Thailand, Vietnam and European countries, from authentic Italian gelato to freshly-baked croissants– guests are guaranteed a culinary journey that will take their palate all over the world.  

A highlight of this year’s bazaar is the WIC Merchandise shop, where visitors can discover one-of-a-kind items sourced from Uzbekistan during WIC’s recent trip, bringing a touch of the Central Asian allure to Jakarta. The NTB Business Stall takes centre stage, offering a unique glimpse into the entrepreneurial spirit of the region.

Beyond the array of products and delectable cuisines, the heart of the WIC Annual Charity Bazaar lies in its philanthropic endeavours. This event also serves as a platform to raise funds for charitable causes, with White Elephant stalls that will sell donated items at affordable prices for charitable causes and foundations that the WIC support. 

The 54th WIC Annual Charity Bazaar is a destination for your shopping needs, but also for those who are keen to learn more about cultures from around the world. From unique treasured troves from Uzbekistan to innovative creations from Indonesian entrepreneurs, there is always something for everyone to buy and explore. 

This bazaar is open to the public with an entrance fee of IDR 25,000 per person. Follow @wicjakarta on Instagram to get the latest updates. 

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