Yayasan Cheshire Indonesia, also known as Wisma Cheshire Indonesia was founded in 1974 offering residential care for paraplegics. It has developed programmes such as vocational training, advocating for the rights of disabled individuals, development plans and helps find accommodation for differently abled individuals.

Wisma Chesire programme, The Young Voices Indonesia (YVI)  works to strengthen the role of young people with disabilities. Photo courtesy of Wisma Chesire/NOW!JAKARTA

Residents, who have disabled due to road or industrial accidents, or as a result of polio, are assisted by programmes that help train them in various vocations and seek employment and financial independence. The home is run by volunteers and full time staff who work toward achieving the organisation’s vision to achieve an inclusive society where individuals with disabilities can realise their full potential, are treated equally at their workplace and be accepted into the wider community without prejudice. 

Some of the vocational training includes woodwork, sewing, IT skills and English lessons. There are also support programmes such as nursing services, counselling and livelihood projects. 

The Young Voices Indonesia (YVI) programme works to strengthen the role of young people with disabilities. It conducts various campaigns to raise awareness of the need for equal rights. 

13th Biennial general meeting East Asia & Pacific Regional Council of Chesire Homes, cooporation between Wisma Chesire Indonesia and leonard Chesire Disability.

Yayasan Cheshire is a member of the Global Alliance of Leonard Cheshire Disability, a London-based non profit. 

For more information on volunteering or donations, please visit the organisation located at:
Jl. Wiajaya Kusuma No. 15A, Cilandak, South Jakarta
T: +62-21 769-2059
E: contactwisma@gmail.com

Upcoming Events
Charity Music Concert: Around The World With Music
The Indonesia Piano Art will conduct a charity concert in celebrating their 10th anniversary this month. Young Voices Indonesia member and pianist, Christian, will also perform.

Soehana Hall
The Energy Building SCBD, Jakarta
26 August, 6:30 PM 

Annual Bazaar 2018
This bazaar helps promote the handicraft and woodwork products made by the talented residents of Wisma Cheshire.  Proceeds will support living costs and support vocational programmes at Wisma Cheshire.

Hotel Kristal
Jalan Terogong Raya, Cilandak, Jakarta
5 October, AM – 4 PM.

The 14th Biennial General Meeting of East Asia and Pacific’s Cheshire Homes in Kumning China.
Wisma Cheshire Jakarta’s delegates will participate at the East Asia and Pacific Conference of Cheshire Homes that will be held in Kunming, China. The theme of the conference is “To explore the education, employment, and rehabilitation of disabled people in the context of inclusive”. Each country will share their experiences and discuss the challenges they face and provide ideas for development.

22 – 25 October

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