In an effort to reduce waste and promote sustainability through creative use, YELLO Hotel Kuta Beachwalk has launched its new project, Upcycling is the Future. 

For this latest project, YELLO Hotel Kuta Beachwalk partnered with STUFFOBAG, DRHK, and GudRnD to celebrate sustainability by holding an event which explored the subject of sustainability through the lens of upcycling as well as sharing how we can help other people make a difference in their community. 

Plastic, which is still a big problem in many areas of Indonesia, became the main topic of the event. Attended by the media and several influencers who can help to spread awareness, the hotel held a fun and interactive activity: YELLO Plastic Surgery. It started with an introduction to the materials, how to upcycle them and turn them into various eco-friendly products.

The workshop was guided by Razip Febriansyah who said, “The line features classic designs that have been given new life through upcycling—plastic bags and ex-banner are reused to create a new product. Each item is unique, meaning it has its own story.”

We know that people these days care about the environment, and we want to help to make their life better and we hope this event helps to reduce the amount of waste that we create and also helps the planet. It’s a part of our journey toward a more sustainable future!” said M. Mufrani, General Manager of YELLO Hotel Kuta Beachwalk.

GudRnD is a group of creators within the Gudskul Ecosystem. This group was initiated by Studio Bagendit or studio Batur with a goal to provide alternative knowledge by innovating and creating. This group enjoys doing various experiments, including indoor hydroponic and experimenting in the field of electronics, mechanics, and plastic packaging recycling.

GudRnD currently focuses on recycling several types of plastic into everyday products using an exchange transaction system with plastic packaging. GudRnD is open to collaboration and sharing experiences as one of the distributions of knowledge. Their workshops are always open to anyone who wants to do experiments with the same passion.

Through their open lab, GudRnD gives opportunities for artists, designers, researchers, architects, makers, hackers, technicians, and anyone else to experience first-hand experimenting and creating works, products or prototypes together in their workshops.

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