Social House by Ismaya Group has introduced a brand new series of dishes dubbed the #SOHOMustHaves. These ‘elevated comfort food’ favourites double-down on Indonesia’s love for rice, introducing a Spanish influence to create an all-new sharing favourite.

The #SOHOMustHaves menu includes a range of succulent Spanish Baked Rice dishes, each unique and distinct from the other, a hearty and flavoursome family-style creation made to be enjoyed together.

During his time in Valencia, on the sunny, southeastern coast of Spain, Executive Chef Adhitia Julisiandi was drawn to the traditional paella — a Spanish staple. Inspired, he made this the foundation of his new creations, experimenting with different ingredients, recipes and methods to create the new SOHO signature, Spanish Baked Rice.

“I added my own spin on the dish to create a crusty and charred taste on the top and bottom sides of the baked rice, elevating the dish’s complexity,” Chef Adhitia shares with NOW! Jakarta.

There are four unique versions of the Spanish Baked Rice, each its own distinct character and flavours . These are: Black Ink Seafood (with sofrito, chili, barramundi, prawns, baby squid, blue mussels, garlic aioli, burrata, and gremolata), Slowly Braised Beef Cheek (with red wine seduction, miso carrots aioli, cheese fondue, and gremolata), Crockpot Truffle Chicken (with sofrito, gravy, braised chicken, shitake mushrooms, and jalapeno aioli), and Iberico Pork Belly (with chili jam, balsamic pearl onion, red chimichurri, charred chili, and smoked bacon).

Whilst its original inspiration comes from paella, each of these distinct creations draws from other cuisines and introduces new ingredients that transcend tradition.

The ‘Black Ink Seafood’ makes use of Indonesia’s own bounty, bringing in fresh catch from the Indian Ocean: “I combined a variety of seafood, including barramundi fish, shrimp, baby squid, blue mussels, and others, which perfectly complemented the crusty texture of the Spanish Baked Rice,” says the passionate chef.

Flavours of Indonesia’s own Rendang features in the ‘Slowly Braised Beef Cheek’; the rich and aromatic notes of the dining scene’s favourite mushroom, truffle, elevates the Crockpot Truffle Chicken; and theIberico Pork Belly holds a special place in chef’s heart. “I cannot help but reminisce about the mouth-watering flavours — the crusty roasted pork is irresistible.”

Why Spanish Baked Rice? Well, the dish finds common ground among the Spanish and Indonesians, where a pot of rice is something to gather around and share together. The Spanish Baked Rice aims to elevate the experience one might have around a pan of paella, or a traditional nasi kuning here in Indonesia, by adding premium ingredients and creative cooking methods that makes the dishes extra special. This ‘family-style’ dish helps to make this Social House a social home.

Head to Social House to try these #SOHOMustHaves, and enjoy the restaurant’s atmosphere made for conversations, gatherings and celebrations with food and wine.

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