Local tourism sketch project “1O1 Travel Sketch” explored a number of cities including Yogyakarta, Bandung, and Malang. This year, 101 Travel Sketch will take place in Jakarta in October, and will be celebrated in Bali and Palembang next year.

Beside exploring the city and its culture, 1O1 Travel Sketch is usually closed with an auction. The the funds were donated to foundations which concern on social development and children. Photo courtesy of THE1O1 Hotel/NOW!JAKARTA

Supported by PHM Hospitality, the series is organised to promote local destinations, and preserve the city’s cultural heritage. It also celebrates 45 years of the Panorama Group— an integrated group of companies focused on Tourism, Transportation, and Hospitality.

Earlier this month, 101 Travel Sketch explored Malang where more than 250 people participated in events showcasing various features of the destination. There, participants had a chance to learn more about sketching on the first day by joining workshops such as Basic Sketching with Motulz Anto and Nugraha Pratama, City Sketch Workshop with Darman Angir, Indoor Sketching with Iqbal Amirdha, and Spontaneous and Artistic Sketching Workshop with LK Bing

There were also other workshops such as Human Interest Sketching with Seto Parama and Sketching for Kids Workshop with Odie Astadi and Nadia Mahatmi. The workshops were followed by a talk show later in the evening. These workshops aim to encourage people to develop their passion for sketching.

The city exploration began after the opening ceremony. The travel Sketch started from Malang City Square and continued to other destinations such as Kayu Tangan, Pasar Besar, and the bird market. Later,  the participants took a tour of the city on board the Macito Bus (Malang City Tour) and then continued their sketching at the hotel.

1O1 Travel Sketch Malang Edition

For the Malang city edition, the money from the action will be donated to support education and training for children with special needs under the care of Yayasan Pembinaan Anak Cacat Disabled, (YAPC), a foundation for disabled and special needs children in Malang.

Held in late April, 1O1 Travel Sketch Bandung edition saw more than 400 participants joining the tour which explored the city’s iconic sites such as Dago Street, Bandung Town Hall, Viaduct, and Braga Street.

Bandung 1O1 Travel Sketch came up with more exciting activities as people also had the opportunity to learn about sketching in several workshops including Basic Sketching for Travellers powered by CIMB Niaga with Motulz Anto and Nugraha Pratama and Digital Sketching with Sheila Rooswitha Putri. Yandi Prayudhi taught Interior Sketching in Mixed Media, Widiyatno Kumisan helped the participants learn about human interest sketching, and Thufeil guided the participants on sketching Cityscapes in Pen & Ink. Powered by Artemedia, the sketch walkers also learnt about Architecture Sketches in Watercolour.

Sketching workshop with artists and illustrators. 
Sketching city iconic sites. 

In addition to the workshops, group sessions during the programme got together to discuss the topic "Sketch As The Process Creative Observation” with presenters and Bandung based musician, Pidi Baiq.

After the workshops ended, people practiced their sketching skills while exploring the BTPN building and Jalan Dago. Some talented Bandung mural and sketching artists did live sketching in the body of the White Horse bus. The activities were followed with Sketching for Kids workshop powered by Faber Castell and an introduction to Indonesia's traditional games through sketching and design approach.

The Travel Sketch closed with an auction and the funds were donated to Art Therapy Centre Widyatama – a foundation focused on education and development of disabled people through activities including behaviour and life skills based on art and design.

Rintang Azhar

Rintang Azhar

Rintang is a previous staff writer for NOW! with experience in hard news and lifestyle journalism. He specialises in art, design, culture, fashion, environmental, and urban issues.