Theater is a marker of the city, as a picture of the artistic quality and expression of city residents through theatrical performers. Adapt to the changes around him, while continuing to innovate for a greater purpose. Not only enjoyed by theatrical actors but all people in general.

The Jakarta Theater Festival (FTJ) has established itself as the oldest theater festival in Indonesia and Southeast Asia, having entered its 50th year. With the theme Homo Theatricus: City, Subsistence and Imagination, FTJ makes this moment a new beginning in inviting people of all ages and backgrounds to see theater as part of a lifestyle and an ideal “escape” in expression, speech, entertainment, tourism, literacy, and education.

FTJ 2023 is divided into 2 major programs, namely the Jakarta Theater Festival Final and visitors can watch various performances from selected theater groups in Jakarta that compete in the Jakarta Theater Festival Final program on October 23-31 2023. This program will present 15 of the best theater groups from each region in Jakarta.

There is also the Lebaran Theater program as an exhibition of various selected performances outside the race track. Held on 20 – 26 November 2023, Lebaran Theater has 2 main programs:

● 12 theater shows

● Tributes to Indonesia’s Theater Legends: Motinggo Busye, Arifin C Noer, Ikranegara, and Zainal Abidin Domba.

The series of events for the 50th anniversary of the Jakarta Theater Festival were held at Taman Ismail Marzuki.

Visit Instagram @FestivalTeaterJakarta for detailed program information and reservations for the FTJ 2023 invitation.

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