There’s a growing beer culture in Jakarta. As the local craft beer scene is really developing, this has fuelled a culinary curiosity for the unique flavours of hops and malt among enthusiasts! For those looking to explore further, here are NOW! Jakarta’s picks for eight best beer bars in Jakarta to savour big and small names in Jakarta’s beer scene, or indeed just a great spot to go to.

Paulaner Bräuhaus

Beer bars in Jakarta: Paulaner Bräuhaus

Founded in 1634, Paulaner Brauerie Munchen is deeply committed to maintaining the traditions of Bavarian beer. Paulaner Brähaus Jakarta, which is part of the internationally renowned Bavarian brewery, brings these traditions into the heart of the city through their microbrewery — yes, authentic beers brewed right in the bar! 

The signature brews here include the gloriously blond and bubbly Hell (Lager), a Paulaner classic; a rich Dunkel (Dark Beer), with its hearty malt aroma; and the Weißbier (Wheat Beer), a favourite beer made for good times. For those after something more fun, and less ‘connoisseur’, the authentic Radler and fruit beers make for a refreshing drink with flavours like Mango, Strawberry, and Root Beer all available. In true Bavarian fashion, beers are served in 0.3L, 0.5L and 1L measurements! 

Paulaner also serves traditional Bavarian pub food, complementing their beers nicely, with traditional sausages and pork knuckle available. We suggest ordering the Paulaner Platter to taste a bit of everything. If you’re looking for a bar in Jakarta that presents that traditional ‘brewhouse’ atmosphere and offerings, you know where to go! 

at Hotel Indonesia Kempinski Jakarta | Jl. MH Thamrin No.1, Menteng | @paulanerjakarta |


It’s all about being open to explore at Coffeebeerian, where (as its name suggests) specialty coffees and craft beers in Jakarta are the main subjects of intrigue among patrons.

This easy-going, community-driven venue is where spontaneity thrives, as fresh selections of home-brews get attached to the draught taps and invite enthusiasts to sip and savour. Featuring beers from increasingly well-known brands like Kura Kura and Black Sand, to more experimental options from local breweries like Ruang Kecil Brewery, you can be sure that craft beer will be pouring here on regular nights. 

With community a big part of their ethos, you’ll find them hosting tasting events to bolster the appreciation and fun of tasting. Like their drinks, the Coffeebeerian food menu is constantly changing too. Located on Ciragil Street, their quirky style and homey feel allow for a space known for bringing together Jakarta’s craft beer and coffee lovers.

Jl. Ciragil II No.26, Kebayoran Baru | @coffeebeerian


For those seeking a more curated experience, Jubelof is the place for you. Located in the Menteng area, Jubelof is focused on creating a more innovative and sophisticated craft beer experience. 

This all-day beer bar in Jakarta favours a more select drinking menu, but their knowledgeable bartenders will help you make the right choice. They diversify their menu from a dry and hoppy IB Summer Pale Ale to the deeper, malty, coffee-roasted Pullman. Jubelof can mix your pint with one of their two homemade syrups, Red Moon and Yellow Summer, to get a lighter drink more suited for the summer.

When it is served, you may find your beer accompanied by a small information card. Not only does it make for an aesthetic presentation, it allows the more enthusiastic customer to learn about the pint, from how it was brewed to how it was served. Jubelof adds to the drinking experience by allowing you to fully understand the beers being poured from their changing selection. 

Jl Hos Cokroaminoto No.62A, Menteng | +6281310006552 (WA) |

Die Stube

Die Stube, located in Kemang Raya, is a German restaurant and pub in Jakarta which marries amazing german beer and food. This venue is well known for bringing the cozy vibes of a Bavarian pub to Jakarta. As it has expanded over the years, the venue now has maintained half their location as a pub style, and the other half turned into a homey restaurant.

Being a German venue, Die Stube’s beer menu focuses on German beers. Weissbiers dominates the selection available. One of the beers on offer is the historic Konig Ludwig Weissbier, aka the ‘Beer for Royal Highness’. In true German fashion, several Radlers are available for a lighter, fruitier option.

Their beer selection is paired with some of the best Bavarian food Jakarta offers. They have an exciting selection of German bar snacks and fast foods to offer. Die Stube’s famous Pork Knuckle needs to be ordered 3 hours in advance!

at Plaza Bisnis Kemang, Jl. Kemang Raya No.2 | +62 087872520529 (WA) | | @diestubejkt

Brewerkz Restaurant and Bar

Brewerkz Restaurant and Bar: beer bars in Jakarta

Brewerkz will be a familiar name to those in the know about Asian craft beer. The Singaporean-based craft beer brewery won the Asia Beer Championship 2022. Their success expands beyond being a brewery, and they have successfully established themselves in the F&B scene in Jakarta. With two branches located in Senayan City and The Breeze BSD, Brewerkz has become a known brand here.

Brewerkz focuses on their own diverse range of craft beers. Brewerkz’s own products include their dark and velvety Oatmeal Stout to a more beginner-friendly english-style Golden Ale. They also have the limited edition Jubilee Ale, a Lychee Pale Ale brewed to celebrate Sentosa Singapore’s Golden Jubilee.

Besides Brewerkz’s own range, they also stock a selection of local and international craft beers. From Lion Brewery to the young and fun American Deschutes, Brewerkz has you covered! They also have a selection of ciders available.

Their western-style menu is full of hearty dishes, such as their BBQ baby back pork ribs, which pair perfectly with a cold pint. Their sports bar vibes, exciting beers, and good food makes Brewerkz Restaurant & Bar a safe bet for a good time.

at Crystal Lagoon Senayan City LG Floor, Jl. Asia Afrika Lot 19 | +6288290277555 (WA) | @brewerkzjkt

Beer Garden

Beer Garden has become a staple in Jakarta’s drinking community. With two strategic locations, Beer Garden Jakarta is famous for an after-work drink.

Their alcohol menu is extensive, with a selection of spirits contributing to their popular cocktail list. As their name suggests, a decent selection can be found here. Focusing mainly on bottled beers, Beer Garden has available local staples like Kura Kura to the citrussy Belgian blonde beer, Le Chouffe.

If you want to be a tad more adventurous, you might want to look at their beer cocktails. From the infamous Korean-style Soju Bomb to the Indonesian Beer Pletok, it’s good to remember that beer doesn’t need to be all that serious. Beer Garden also has several fruit-flavoured beers and Albens cider for those wanting a sweeter drink.

Their playful approach to beer drinking is paired with a lively venue known for live music and DJs as well as a vibrant outdoor area. Their food menu doesn’t disappoint either, with Western and Asian style a la carte meals to ensure you aren’t drinking on an empty stomach.

at Jl. Gandaria 1 No.45 | +62 811-8490-072 (WA)

Stark Taproom

In SCBD’s Elysee Lot, STARK Taproom is the brainchild of Indonesia premium-craft beer brand STARK and Mitra Karya Adiperkasa. This unique Jakarta sports bar brings the distinct offerings of craft beer and dim sum!

With craft beer brands in Jakarta as the driving force behind the venue, the beer selection does not disappoint. As expected, they have a selection of their own brand of beer, such as the bottled STARK Dark Wheat. As for their beers on tap, they have a diverse range of international and local brews, such as the hoppy and malty Indonesian Pale Ale.

Most unique is the availability of Beer Growlers at STARK Taproom. A growler is a glass or stainless steel bottle transporting draft beer. From the American-winning Weiz Guy Hefeweizen to Balinese IOI Honey Kolsch, STARK Taproom has a wide array of Beer Growlers to enjoy. This has help to earn the Taproom a spot as one of the more popular beer bars in Jakarta.

STARK Taproom’s fantastic craft beer selection combines a delicious food menu and energetic vibes. Their menu can be described as ‘Asian fusion’, and they provide food pairings for some of the beers on tap. However, STARK Taproom remains famous for its dim sum, so try some when you visit.

The sports bar is dedicated to providing entertainment for everyone, so whether you watch football, rugby, golf or F1, you’ll be accommodated at STARK Taproom.

at Elysee Lot 21 SCBD 1st Floor Senayan | +62 8119314001 (WA)

Beer Hall

Since opening in 2018, Beer Hall has become a staple within Jakarta’s beer community. The venue is located at SCBD and balances a community-geared space with a refined atmosphere in their industrial-style hall.

As its name suggests, Beer Hall boasts a truly impressive bar menu. The establishment has a highly curated list of alcoholic drinks, including their impressive beer selection.

Their range is incredibly diverse, originating in an array of different countries. From the Hoegaarden Rose, a Belgian wheat beer infused with the fruity zest of raspberries, to the Japanese Sapporo.

If the wide selection confuses you, try their craft taphouse monthly favourite. Little Creatures XPA, a hoppy and fruity Australian beer, currently holds the title.

Their spacious venue and community-focused attitude have made Beer Hall a known spot for the best events. They have something for everyone, from live music to their current Athletic Weekend series. The delicious culinary menu, including their infamous wood-fired pizza, is always a bonus!

at Jl. Jend. Sudirman Kav.52-53 Kawasan SCBD Lot 19 | +62 812 96199489

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