The ultimate cure for the claustrophobia that a city instils upon its inhabitants is an escape to the great outdoors, where space and nature are in abundance. Sprawling generously in the highlands of West Java, JSI Resort Megamendung gives guests exactly what they need — a little room to breathe!

On a clear day in Jakarta, rolling mountainsides can be seen on the horizon. Dramatic landscapes tower in the distance, like borders to another world. As far as they may appear, an hour and a half’s drive south on the highway takes you face-to-face with this majestic countryside, the rugged and natural West Javan experience.

Located at Megamendung, Puncak, Bogor, on the foothills of the great Mt Pangrango, JSI Resort Megamendung has created a refuge where nature reigns supreme. As if designed as a ‘cure’ to city life, the resort’s expansive and open grounds are a welcome change to the busy streets of Jakarta. Appreciating the natural surroundings, the grounds are lush and verdant, with facilities that encourage guests to enjoy the open air.

Accommodation options at JSI Megamendung are unique as well, with different styles and experiences to choose from. You’ll find ‘glamping’ inspired tents, hotel rooms made designed into containers, cosy bungalow-style villas and large mountain-lodge villas with private pools and kitchenettes. Each different abode ensures that guests enjoy the green views and fresh air.

The resort’s facilities follow the same ethos, with a swimming pool surrounded by forest, an outdoor kids’ playground, a mini zoo with deer, birds, and even an ostrich. Doubling down on this fully-fledged vacation experience are outdoor activities and adventures, including paintball, archery, rafting, off-road buggies and at night, barbecue and bonfires!

The resort’s restaurant offers Indonesian, Western and international dishes in a semi-outdoor space with 360-degree views, and one will find Kayu Spa, for those after a little extra relaxation during their stay.

For those after that very classic family vacation getaway, or maybe just need vast open spaces in which to refresh and relax, then a cheeky escape to the West Java highlands may be in order.

JSI Resort Megamendung
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