Many studies show that experiencing new and different cultures can help students to broaden their knowledge and enrich their understanding toward the global world. In keeping with its role as a gateway to the world, Global Jaya School (GJS) regularly organizes excursions abroad to expose students to the wider world in order to prepare them to become true global citizens.

A Melbourne Adventure (1)

A couple of months ago, numerous GJS students engaged in a sports exchange with the Kilvington Grammar School of Melbourne, Australia, and came back with stories of their inspirational journey in the Land Down Under. This sport event is not new for the two schools as they have met before on similar occasions with the same purpose in mind: to create new friendships through sports.

As it teaches students about discipline, hard work and teamwork, a friendly sports match is considered to be one of the best ways for students to bond. Volleyball, basketball and football were the focus for the trip while ping pong and bowling sessions served as icebreakers to erase any potential awkwardness at the beginning. The Australian students showed their proficiency and won most of the competitions, but the GJS students secured their first position in volleyball in both the boys and girls categories.

A Melbourne Adventure (2)

But this was not about winning: the competitions were all held in the name of friendship among different cultures and nations, much like the Olympics.

Not only did the students have fun on the courts, they also had the chance to explore the city of Melbourne and visited various landmarks, including the famous Melbourne Cricket Ground where the stars of the Australian Football League train and compete. The students then took advantage of their free time by strolling around the city and admire the beautiful architecture and urban planning of the city touted as the Europe of Australia. Furthermore, GJS students also paid a visit to the Indonesian Consulate in Melbourne to hold a discussion with Indonesian diplomats.

A Melbourne Adventure (3)

During their trip, students lived with host parents in order to get true experience of life as Melbournians—and ended up developing a penchant for one Australian treasure known as Vegemite!

The Melbourne trip was surely a journey to remember as the students came home with a better understanding of their Australian counterparts’ customs and cultures. By participating in such exchanges, students learn that they can make friends, as well as develop network and partnerships with anyone regardless of boundaries or differences.

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