Each school has its own unique tradition and AIS is no exception. Keeping the tradition and culture of togetherness, AIS holds an annual outdoor camp event for both Primary and Secondary students to foster teamwork, appreciation of nature, and to further develop friendship and camaraderie.


AIS camps are a celebration of outdoor learning, enjoyment, and adventures as students and teachers come together as one big family. It is a fantastic opportunity for children to build character, strengthen community bonds, and perform life skills beyond the education of a classroom.

There have been many examples of courage, problem solving, quick decision making, sportsmanship, and support of other by our students. Being placed in an outdoor setting has enabled these children to unearth the attributes and skills that would have otherwise been left undiscovered. Additionally, they also get to develop an important knowledge of appreciating nature, cultures, and traditions.


AIS carries out a quality assurance and safety process to ensure the best for the students. Strict screening procedures with regards to locations, activities, safety & security, first-aid, transportation, accommodation, food, and facilities, are of prime importance to the school. Adherence to these procedures ensure the most ideal setting that is not only safe and secure, but also poses the right challenges based on the age and skills of our students.

Ultimately, with each exploration in the outbound, students learn the invaluable meaning of self-discovery, true education values, and respect for the surroundings. At AIS, the belief is that such experience is one of the most crucial elements to building strong and successful people who have empathy and care for each other and also the environment.


Camp etiquette to note
Before sending your kids to camp, here are 5 common camp etiquettes to prep them

  • Clean up after yourself by keeping the area clean wherever you go.
  • Keep a low volume and tone down your activity in the evening.
  • Always follow the instructions of the camp leaders. Their instructions will ensure your safety.
  • Ensure you take what you brought with you – including your garbage!
  • Campers are fun people, so remember to have fun!






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