Bungee Workout: Light as a Feather
Boring and monotonous exercise is no more with Bungee Workout at Svarga E-motion Sanctuary. Photo Courtesy of Svarga E-motion Sanctuary/NOWJAKARTA

Bored with your monotonous treadmill? Join the new fat-burning exercise and fly like never before with Bungee Workout by Svarga E-motion Sanctuary. 

There is nothing more interesting than burning calories with some bungee dance performed while you’re slung on a bungee cord! 

Svarga E-motion Sanctuary, a Bandung-based wellbeing center, has recently introduced a new trend of fat-burning fitness called Bungee Workout. Geared with a mission to enrich the quality of life and healthcare for individuals using the 'Healing Through Movements' methods, Bungee Workout promotes the kind of workout that blends dance, fitness and acrobatics with resistance as you are constantly being pulled upwards. Being harnessed to a bungee cord, it's a fun workout that will make your body swinging from the ceiling. 

Skip your boring treadmill routine and fly like never before with Bungee Workout! This exercise is meant to keep the pressure off the knee joints and works on cardio and core. Your legs also get a solid workout because you need to keep the rope pulling downwards.

"It tones almost every muscle in your body focusing on your core strength, leveraging on gravity and body weight," the fitness instructor and programme director Stephanie T. Lauw said. "Bungee Workout promises three vital benefits; high intensity, low-impact and core focused. The harder you push, the higher you fly," she added. 

At the very first class, participants can expect to soar to new heights. Bungee Workout is a high intensity exercise, as it burns calories and fat through short and intense bursts of physical exertion paired with intervals of brief rest. You can feel the intensity as your heart beats faster. 

Thanks to the bungee mechanism suspending you slightly above floor level, you are able to move freely and perform otherwise physically impossible moves. The harness goes around your waist and legs to keep you secure and comfortable throughout the workout. 

The fun thing about Bungee Workout is that "you don't realise how hard you have exercised because it is so much fun", Stephanie shares. 

Programmes in this training include Bungee Workout with easy-to-follow choreography, constant movement and upbeat music, Bungee Fit, meaning cardio workout without choreography and Bungee Intro, which involves slower movements paired with slower music for elderly. 

All in all, Bungee Workout is fast becoming a new craze in the global fitness industry. Svarga E-motion Sanctuary claims to be the first of its kind in Indonesia offering certified instructors for this challenging yet fun exercise! Join now and feel the instant benefits. 

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