Last month’s Chaine des Rotisseurs, Jakarta’s premier fine dining group, dinner took a turn away from convention in a surprising and delightful way as the members celebrated Belgian cuisine in some distinctly non-traditional ways!

The Chaine challenged local Chef Petty Elliott to turn her hand to interpreting Belgian dishes in the spacious and comfortable residence of h.e. Patrick Herman, The Belgian Ambassador to Indonesia, and she responded with style and creativity.

The menu she devised used Belgian tastes as the base but local ingredients and innovative touches to create memorable and exciting dishes.

The Lautan Tropis, White Snapper in a Leek, Bacon Sauce, with Smoked Cauliflower Puree was a delight and virtually all the guests revelled in its smokey flvour. But it was Vice Chancellier turned Somellier Fabrice Mini who gave the crowning touch by matching two dishes – the Roasted Tomato Soup, and the Snapper – with Belgian craft beers: the Blanche de Namur and the Westmalle Trappist, both unique and sophisticated in different ways.

This brave pair found some great supporters in the group and the comments were above positive, possibly even to Fabrice’s surprise!

The main course of Banda Spice Beef was served after an impromptu concert by special guest, designer and artist, Harry Darsono, who played some marvelous tunes on the grand piano. The tenderloin was spiced to perfection, cooked to perfection and served in style. There was not a crumb left on the members’ plates. It was helped down by a full-bodied red from Frank Phelan (an Irishman we were told) in Saint-Estephe, an esteemed wine growing area of France.

Sadly the ambassador’s talented artist wife Siobhan was still overseas and was missed by everyone, but the evening was all that a Chaine dinner is meant to be: stylish, fun, outstanding food, great wines (and beers!) and camaraderie. Our thanks go to His Excellency, Petty, Fabrice and all who worked so hard to make this happen.

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