Like its Scandinavia’s neighbour countries, Finland is blessed with natural richness and wonderful landscapes that you should witness at least once in your life. Pump your adrenaline rush by exploring Finland’s great outdoors, leaving you with a remarkable experience you will likely remember for the rest of your life.

Hiking in Lapland

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Lapland is Europe’s last wilderness. Its barren, beautiful natural landscape has an irresistible charm, and the changing seasons are more evident on the northern side of the Arctic Circle than anywhere else. Explore the beauty of Lapland by foot in an expedition group to make the most of your holiday in Finland. While you can enjoy the peace and quiet of the wilderness, you can also get the best entertainment in the nearest towns and ski resorts to complete your journey.

Finnish National Park

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Finnish national parks are protected areas with unique natural features. There are 39 national parks in Finland, and in 2017, when Finland celebrates 100 years as an independent country, the 40th national park will be inaugurated. They’re scattered around the country’s archipelago, lakes, forests, peat lands and fells, and showcase the area’s various natural characteristics, such as rapids, rift valleys and eskers. Besides enjoying the scenery and spotting animals and plants, the parks present ideal opportunities for recreation like hiking, climbing, snowshoeing and other outdoor pursuits.

Paddle the Grand Lake Saimaa

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Saimaa is a lake in southeastern Finland. At approximately 4,400 square kilometres, it is the largest lake in Finland, and the fourth largest natural freshwater lake in Europe. Lake Saimaa was formed by glacial melting at the end of the Ice Age and now offers breathtaking views that will stun every outdoor enthusiast. Immerse in the beauty of Saimaa by paddling in a small group of friends – there are hardly any waves, which makes kayaking routes also suitable for more inexperienced paddlers.

Cycling The Archipelago Trail 

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The Turku Archipelago is one of the most prolific in the world with approximately 20.000 islands and skerries, most still in their pristine natural state, that are scattered from Turku to the Alan Islands. The Archipelago Trail is one of Finland’s most popular tourist routes. In the summer season between May and September, it attracts about 20,000 visitors, who come by car, motorbike and bicycle. Rather than a road, it is perhaps best described as a network, made up of many sections of roads linked by ferry crossings.