The modern dance and hip hop performance by Marlupi Dance Academy (MDA) dancers tell a deep narrative about the generation gap, through movement. Titled “Generation XYZ” the dance performance connect the audiences to the contemporary world, signifying the unique characters of human beings across generations.

The Generation XYZ captures the unique character of the society through movements. Photo courtesy of MDA/NOW!JAKARTA 

Held at Jakarta Arts Building on 28 July, MDA dancers appeared in a variety of sequences, costume designs and choreography. Directed by Michael Rendy Halim the dances were choreographed by MDA’s modern dance teachers.

The performance featured a timeline from the old-days to the present to emphasise the generation transformation. In the present day, almost all children, from a very early age, are experts at operating gadgets which has influenced their lifestyle. The dance depicts their character as advanced but more individualistic and self-centered.

This is unlike previous generations, with limited access to modes of digital communication, people interacted more, were more social and grew together in harmony with their surroundings.

The dance represents the old generation.
The performance combines a contemporary and modern dance.

Fifi Sijangga, the Artistic Director of MDA illustrated ‘Generation XYZ’ performance as an effort to improve the quality of art and culture in the country, as well as to motivate the young generation in Indonesia to create and express themselves through the world of modern dance.

“Not only does it act as a forum for MDA students to show and express their dance skills that they’ve learned, but Generation XYZ performance also aims to invite future generations to become more familiar with the Indonesian culture and love it." Sijangga said.

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