Merging entrepreneurship, innovation and interactive teaching methods in education is a must these days, in order to encourage creativity and the ability to solve problems. With a clear and coherent commitment to do its part, Global Jaya School is at the forefront of promoting entrepreneurship among the young.

Each year, Global Jaya School holds an event aimed at developing training, coaching and mentoring for its young students. Through Primary Years Programme exhibition, students demonstrate their abilities to provide solution to a real problem in the society.

This year saw participation of 23 groups of students, each of which was given six weeks to brainstorm and do research, as well as plan and design the project, before presenting it to a panel of judges. As part of preparation for the exhibition, the students also flew to Bali for a short trip bonding with team members.

The following are some of the ideas that captured the most attention during the FYP exhibition:

Team Gizmo (Dylan Z, Hanif and Jade)
A lot of students find it hard to stay organised. It’s almost as if it’s impossible to keep track of pens, pencils or other school supplies. Our idea was simple – to help our fellow students organise themselves better, because organisation is the key to knowing where everything is. With Gizmo – a container with multiple storage sizes – they can keep school supplies safe and will always know just where to find things. Through this project, we learned to appreciate the importance of time management. Organising school supply for maximum efficiency not only saves time and frustration, it’s also good physically and mentally.

Team Smart Nation (Davis, Rafi and Dhira)
Our product is a folding table called Smart Desk, which also comes with a foldable chair. The table set is very light and portable, so it’s suitable for small classrooms. Through Smart Desk, we aim to resolve small space problems that many schools have. The idea is to donate these tables for schools in need or sell it to other parties and donate all the profits to those schools. Through this project, we learned to rely on each other when working as a team and also to appreciate each individual’s talent.

Team Nutri Goodies (Vilo, Alicia and Ummi)
Statistics show that 12 percent of Jakarta’s population is suffering from malnutrition. We then came up with three solutions. First, with the support of the Student Council, we drove a campaign asking students to donate canned and pre-packaged food to Foodbank of Indonesia, a charitable organisation that distributes food to those who have difficulty purchasing food. The second campaign was to sell board games and donate all of the profits to the foundation. The last one was to create a game lane where proceeds from ticket sales will go to Foodbank of Indonesia. Our biggest challenge was getting in touch with Foodbank of Indonesia and in dealing with time management.