Grab Indonesia successfully hosted its annual Grab Business Forum on 15 May 2024, to celebrate its fifth year commemoration with the theme “Resilient Business Forward: Paving The Way to The Bolder Future.” The event was held at Hotel Indonesia Kempinski in a hybrid format, featuring prominent speakers including Suahasil Nazara, Deputy Minister of Finance of the Republic of Indonesia, and Chatib Basri, Senior Economist and Former Minister of Finance (2013-2014).

This forum provided a platform for business leaders, policymakers and stakeholders from various industries to discuss strategies for enhancing business resilience in the midst of global economic challenges. Suahasil Nazara emphasises Indonesia’s achievements in economic growth and reduced unemployment rates, projecting a 5.2% economic growth in 2024. He also underscored the role of household consumption, which makes up about 55% of the GDP, and praised Grab for its contribution to the gig economy and digitalisation. 

“Amid global economic and political uncertainty, Indonesia has achieved high economic growth and reduced unemployment to pre-pandemic levels. With these achievements, the government is optimistic that economic growth in 2024 will reach 5.2%. By simply opening the Grab app, it contributes to increasing household demand. Therefore, I appreciate Grab’s significant role in developing the gig economy, which has created a new economic space through digitalization,” stated Suahasil Nazara.

According to the Central Statistics Agency (BPS), Indonesia experienced a 5.11% economic growth in Q1 2024, an increase from 5.04% in the same period last year. This growth, the highest since 2015, shows Indonesia’s strong economic fundamentals driven by high domestic demand.

Neneng Goenadi, Country Managing Director of Grab Indonesia, noted the positive impact of the current national economic growth on the industry. She stressed the importance of maintaining product and service competitiveness through business productivity and operational efficiency. “This is what we aim to offer through Grab For Business, which provides integrated technology solutions for companies to streamline daily operational processes,” she explained.

Forrester’s Total Economic Impact research revealed that companies using Grab For Business services can save over 11,500 employee hours annually. The research also indicated a 159% return on investment for companies utilising these services, which help manage daily operations such as reimbursement claims, office vehicle use, goods delivery, food ordering, and utility payments.

Roy Nugroho, Director of Grab For Business, highlighted the evolving operational needs of companies. “We recognize that companies’ operational needs continue to evolve to adapt to changing market dynamics. This is why Grab For Business offers a variety of integrated end-to-end solutions to simplify the management of various daily employee operations through a single portal.”

Grab For Business offers a range of integrated technology solutions to increase company productivity, including transportation (GrabBike and GrabCar), delivery (GrabExpress), food delivery (GrabFood), digital gift vouchers (GrabGifts), shopping (GrabMart), and other services (GrabMaps and GrabAds). The platform now also allows companies to make monthly utility payments and use multiple payment methods like corporate billing, prepaid options, debit/credit cards, cash, and OVO. Grab For Business serves over 8,600 companies in Indonesia, and caters to businesses of all sizes.

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