Gyu-Shige Tokyo Yakiniku, renowned for its 39 years of Charcoal-style Japanese BBQ expertise, officially opened its inaugural branch in Jakarta’s Arena Square Gatot Subroto in February 2024. This marks a significant milestone for the brand, known as Japan’s most beloved Yakiniku restaurant since its inception in 1985. Gyu-Shige Tokyo Yakiniku has expanded globally, boasting 166 branches across Japan, Hong Kong, Vietnam, the United States, and now Indonesia under the Arena Group.

Gyu-Shige: Japanese BBQ

At Gyu-Shige Tokyo Yakiniku, guests can savour the unique experience of grilling their own meat over traditional bincho-tan charcoal, it is smokeless, odourless, and completed with ash-free properties that enhance the meat’s flavour. With a commitment to 100% natural, high-quality ingredients, the restaurant offers a diverse selection of beef cuts paired with fresh yakiniku sauces such as Momi Tare and Miso Tare – two iconic Japanese BBQ seasonings. 

The newly opened restaurant features a range of signature dishes, including the tender Jo Harami and premium Wagyu Top Side, available in four distinct flavours. Additionally, specialties like Gyu Tongue Scallion Oil, Jo Karubi, and AUS Wagyu, with options for chicken, seafood, and accompaniments like soup, salad, and fried dishes. Moreover, the restaurant’s tranquil and opulent ambiance with a capacity to accommodate up to 82 people, including three private rooms makes Gyu-Shige Tokyo Yakiniku an ideal choice for Japanese BBQ dining with friends and family.

Gyu-Shige Tokyo Yakiniku
Arena Square Gatot Subroto
Jl. Jend. Gatot Subroto Kav. 55-56
T: +6281110020330
IG: @gyushige.indonesia 

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