One of the largest udon restaurant networks in Japan, Hanamaru Udon, recently opened its first outlet at Lippo Mall Puri, Jakarta. The restaurant presents legendary Sanuki udon complete with a variety of udon noodle dishes.

Hanamaru Udon, recently opened its first outlet at Lippo Mall Puri, Jakarta in Septmeber. Photo courtesy of hanamaru Udon/NOW!JAKARTA

Sanuki udon is named after the previous name of the Kagawa Prefecture, Sanuki Province. It was featured in the 2016 anime, “Poco’s Udon World”. it’s a type of udon noodle most popular in the Shikoku region, but now is easily found throughout the neighbouring Kansai region and much of Japan. The characteristics of this udon are square shape and flat edges with soft and slippery texture.

Hanamaru Udon features 12 kinds of udon including Udon Spicy Chicken, Beef Udon, Ontama Bukkake and Curry Udon paired with various tempura.

“I see Indonesia consumers enjoy Japanese cuisine so were opened new Japanese restaurants. In Japan, Hanamaru Udon is a fast food restaurant with everything served practically. While in Indonesia is quite challenging, everything has be thought of in detail include various menu options and other restaurant elements,” said Tadao Kato, CEO PT Happy Restaurants Indonesia.

In the next five years, PT Happy Restaurants Indonesia plans to open 50 outlets across Indonesia, as one of business strategies to compete with other Japanese restaurants.

Hanamaru Udon
Lippo Mall Puri LG 112
Jl. Puri Indah Raya Blok U1

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