Club Med have a wide range of activities for you to spend a quality time with your kids. Photo courtesy of Club Med/NOWJAKARTA

Every parent dream of having more time with their children. This current situation due to the Covid-19 pandemic gives us all the time we have ever dreamed of. This is the perfect time to have that rare opportunity of quality time with our children. Perhaps help them with their homework or read them their favourite bedtime stories. This is the time.

However, if you’re running out of things to do with them or if you realise that they feel bored with the same activities, Club Med can give you a way out. Encouraging people to stay at their home, Club Med have Club Med at Home campaign that gives you ideas on what to do during this period. For a quality time with your kids, Club Med have the perfect activities for you.

Colour Your Day

Get your colouring pencils out, because Club Med have prepared beautiful designs for your kids to colour! Inspired by nature surrounding Club Med properties around the world, this activity is perfect to keep your children entertained. Moreover, they will also have the chance to grow their artistic side. Download more templates here.

Paper Fun

Illustration of Origami. Photo courtesy of Freepik/NOWJAKARTA

Origami may take a bit of learning curve for some people. However, we all have the time we need to try and learn this paper folding art, don’t we? For kids, this activity is even more fun because they can create something out of a piece of paper. See the instruction to create an Origami fish here.

Home Picnic

Being bored for staying at home too long is normal, but you can still have fun by doing something different. Having a backyard picnic is a fun option. Ask your kids to help you prepare the food, bring the carpet out and enjoy a quality time with your kids under the sun. To create a more memorable moment, you can play games with them or maybe even have a little karaoke with them.

Those are all great ideas from Club Med. Please use this opportunity to tighten up your bond with the kids. This will be great for your own mental health as well as their life growing up. Visit for more fun activity ideas.

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