All Day Fun Family Activities at Home with Club Med
Club Med at Home provides ideas for fun activities during self-quarantine. Photo courtesy of Club Med/NOWJAKARTA

This home quarantine period gets harder every day for everyone. We all feel bored, stressed or maybe even depressed (please consult the experts if you feel so) staying at home for an unusual long period. We miss taking a walk in the parks, dining in our favourite restaurant, spending the Friday nights in the bars or cafes, or maybe having a short vacation during the weekend. We all feel that but we need to be patient because this is what we must do to help each other during this tough time.

Club Med understand this and they have curated this list of fun family activities to do at home.

6-day Club Med at Home Cooking Challenge 

Illustration of family cooking
Illustration of family cooking at home. Photo by Edgar Castrejon on Unsplash/NOWJAKARTA

Cooking is definitely on everyone’s to-do list during this period. It doesn’t matter if you’re a beginner or you’re already a restaurant chef, cooking is a fun thing to do with this much time we have at home. If you’re already running out of recipes, Club Med invites you to participate in their 6-day Club Med at Home Cooking Challenge. Check out the curated recipes from Club Med G.Os and try making delectable dishes for the whole family. Click here to know more about this challenge.

Mini Chefs

Cooking for your kids is fun but cooking with your kids is even better. It would be such an amazing family-bonding activity. You can ask your kids to help you finish your 6-day Club Med at Home Cooking Challenge or you can teach them how to prepare their favourite food or snacks. Trying to cook Club Med’s Brekkie Egg Cups would also be an interesting and delicious experiment for them. Find out the recipe here.

Virtual Vacation with 360 Videos

Club Med is globally known as a service provider for all-inclusive, luxury vacation. However, they encourage us all to stay at home and avoid travelling anywhere unless in an emergency situation. Preventing boredom and stress, they have compiled a YouTube playlist containing 46 videos with 360-degree viewing feature. With the videos, you can see beautiful Club Med properties all over the world including Maldives, Brazil, France, Japan and of course Bali. Go watch the videos here.

Visit for more fun family activities to do at home from Club Med.

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