In the 21st century with so many different schools to choose from, it is not easy to pick the right type of education for your children. The advancement of media and technology and the rapidly evolving culture have definitely impacted the kind of education that our children need in facing the future. In choosing a school for the little ones, one should recognise how gray this world has already become and definitely consider a school that has a solid foundation in teaching truth and good character. SPH, Sekolah Pelita Harapan, is dedicated to this calling because we understand how important it is. We make sure to evaluate every area that can help to shape students into men and women of truth and character. These areas incorporate:

1. Holistic Approach.
As a school we believe that one should be educated not in part, but in whole. In a traditional approach to education, one is usually only shaped academically with a minor emphasis on the other aspects that make us human. But our emotions, body and spirit need to be nourished as well. Without a holistic approach to learning, one will grow imbalanced and will struggle to survive in a global community.

2. Understanding Worldview.
Whichever school you send your children to study at, their worldview will be shaped. The question is, what kind of worldview do you want imprinted on them? Worldview is a term that refers to how we see our world and interpret reality. Worldview is the lens that students see the world through, and develops what they will do and shapes their perception and understanding of right and wrong.

3. Good Mentor.
Teachers are one of the key factors that determine the success of students’ learning. An ordinary curriculum with an extraordinary teacher can definitely make learning wonderful, but not necessarily the other way around. In our school, teachers value the students in their classroom and are willing to help them even beyond academic matters and are willing to mentor them to build a strong character.

4. Life Calling.
At SPH, we believe that every student should seek earnestly for his or her calling in life. We believe that everyone is created with a purpose and that each one of us has been called to do a unique, valuable task. Therefore, it is important that students learn to ask: “What have I been called to do?” not necessarily which job can bring them the most wealth and pleasure. Our counsellor programme plays a big role in this area, since all students, kindergarten through high school, are genuinely pushed to know who they are, discover their talents, and reflect on their calling.

5. Embracing Indonesian Identity.
As an international school that promotes international mindedness and global citizenship, we desire our students to integrate and embrace their Indonesian citizenship. We highly value tradition, local culture, and, most importantly, the maintaining of student identity as Indonesian citizens. Non-citizens will be exposed to the rich depth and beauty of Indonesia as a culture, a people, and an identity.

Finally, when considering a school, look at the school’s vision and mission. This will help you to see what the school values and grows in students. At SPH, our vision is to train children to gain True Knowledge, Faith in Christ, and Godly Character. We understand that the most important thing is not necessarily to gain intelligence and money, but rather the knowledge, character, and faith that is developed from understanding one’s high calling and responsibility in this temporary world

Text and image by: SPH.

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