Looking for bespoke gifts? Check out Jacquelink, a Swarovski crystal accessories specialist, which creates special items based on the one’s taste, simple or glitzy. Whether it is a lavish anniversary present for a sweetheart or a  lovely gift for a bridesmaid, personalised items will surely make the recipient feel special.

Jacquelink is famed for its beautiful clutches which are enhanced with Swarovski crystals – creating glamorous, sparkling products without being gaudy is this brand’s forte. Photo courtesy of Jacquelink/NOW!JAKARTA

“Creating gifts which make the recipients feel special is our speciality. We also emphasise the importance of beautiful packaging, as it is essential to our brand’s success. We make the recipients feel special, that the gift is a premium one. Everything—fom the pouches to the lovely, premium boxes— is well thought out. Moreover, you can also personalise your gift with engraving,” Budi Thomas says.

Budi is one half of the husband and wife duo behind Jacquelink, a brand that specialises in creating goods that are adorned with sparkling Swarovski crystals. Having received a Swarovski branding partner license, according to its website www.jacquelink.com, each crystallised product uses genuine Swarovski crystals exclusively.

This couple also founded JAQ Men’s Co (Jaqmen) and Jacquelle – both of which were  established in 2015. Just like Jacquelink, JAQ Men’s Co also offers both custom-made and ready-made items; leather bracelets, cufflinks and pendants are among the goods on offer, while Jacquelle sells its eponymous beauty-related products, including tone up powder, beauty brushes, and face cleansing tools among others.

Jacquelink is famed for its beautiful clutches which are enhanced with Swarovski crystals – creating glamorous, sparkling products without being gaudy is this brand’s forte. The majority of its clutches are priced between some two million Rupiah and some nine million Rupiah. 

Over the years, Jacquelink has been gradually introducing new products in its ready-made category, such as jewellery, rosary, scarf ring and glass locket. 

The inspiration for the brand’s name, Jacquelink, comes from Jacqueline Kennedy, the former First Lady of the United States, who is undeniably one of the greatest style icons (the letter “k” in Jacquelink comes from “Kennedy”).

There are various goods, from jewellery to clutches, on display at its eponymous shop in the upscale Plaza Indonesia. However, Jacquelink won its clientele’s hearts by offering custom-made items, which can be given as presents to their loved ones, or to themselves.

Jacquelink’s team will help you to turn your inspiration into one-of-a-kind items, from pretty bag hangers to ornate clutches. Moreover, if you wish, they can also put the Swarovski crystals onto your own lighters, watches, eyeglasses, photo frames, key chains and so on. Actually, any item, apart from the ones that are made of leather or cloth, can be decorated with the sparkling beads.

The story of Jacquelink started with bag hangers. Even though today this brand sells various ready-made goods, however, initially, it sells bag hangers only (both personalised and non-personalised products are on offer, and you can choose the one with or without Swarovski crystals). When Budi and his wife established Jacquelink in 2009, they saw an opportunity to delve into the market of selling bag hangers in Indonesia, as those things were relatively unknown here.

As a market pioneer, Jacquelink brought the trend of bag hanger to Indonesia, and its chic bag hanger was instantly became a hit here. Just place the flip-around bag hanger on the ledge of a table with the hook pointing underneath, hang your bag on the hook, thus no need to put your large tote on the crammed table at the café and your belongings are safe from dirt as well as germs on the floor and possible theft. Each hanger can safely hold a bag which weights up to four kilograms. (The bag hangers currently are priced from IDR 239,000 to IDR 639,000 each).

Today, one can easily buy bag hangers from various online retailers, including from the ones that are based in Indonesia – however, Jacquelink still stands out in the crowded market, as it offers customised service.

Back when crystal-encrusted cell phones were in vogue, Jacquelink started offered a service to enhance its clientele’s cell phone cases with Swarovski crystals as well. This brand stood out in the crowd due to its beautiful designs, the use of genuine Swarovski crystals and especially for its offer of creating crystal-encrusted self-portrait cell phone covers. Jacquelink prides itself as the only brand in Indonesia which creates self-portrait cell phones cases by using crystal beads.

Even though the peak of crystals-studded cell phone cases has already passed,  there is still demand from clientele who have a penchant for items with “bling”. Those looking for unconventional Valentine’s gifts can order the glamorous cell phone cases from Jacquelink; just send a photograph of your beloved via email to them and they will create a copy of the image using 100 per cent Swarovski crystal beads.

Over the years, Jacquelink has been gradually introducing new products in its ready-made category, such as jewellery, rosary, scarf ring and glass locket.  Currently, the glass locket is this brand’s bread and butter; each glass locket is 100 per cent made-to-order, from its glass locket to little charms inside the locket.

The clientele will be spoilt by choice; in terms of locket, there are different sizes, shapes and colours available and there are countless charms on offer, from fancy tiny butterflies to timeless heart-shaped charms. “Glass locket is a timeless gift,” Budi says.

Many brides-to-be order personalised glass lockets for their bridesmaids; as every glass locket can be tailored to each of her bridesmaids’ taste or preference, everyone would feel very special.  As for prices, the charms range from IDR 25,000 to IDR 90,000 each, while the glass lockets (without any charm) are generally cost between IDR 190,000 and IDR 380,000.

All in all, even though Jacquelink is famed for its beautiful crystal-decorated items, however, its non-crystalised goods, such as stylish stainless steel bangles and pendants, are also worth a look. Indeed, there is something for everyone – whether you are shopping for your loved ones or for yourself, you will be spoilt for choice.

Plaza Indonesia, Level 2 # E 19
Department store: SOGO (Plaza Senayan, Central Park, Kota Kasablanka & Mall Kelapa Gading).
WhatsApp: 0851 0068 3839
Web store: www.jacquelink.com 
Instagram: @jacquelink_official

Note: For those who want to see Jacquelink clutch collection, I highly recommend you to visit its eponymous shop in Plaza Indonesia.

Susanna Tjokro

Susanna Tjokro

Susanna has written articles for various magazines and newspapers. She writes about up and coming retail brands in her column “Made in Indonesia” at NOW! Jakarta.