Batik Nona Jakarta: Hand-drawn Jakarta Batik Textiles

Jakarta batik, popularly known as Betawi batik, is less popular than Javanese batik (batik cloths from Pekalongan, Tasikmalaya, Solo, Cirebon and other regions in Java, apart from Jakarta); however, Jakarta Batik is slowly but surely getting more popular. Batik Nona Jakarta showcases the cultural richness of Indonesia’s capital city on its beautiful hand-drawn batik textiles. Since

Premium Heritage Bread, Cakes and Finger Food from Holland Bakery

Many Indonesian heritage cakes and finger foods trace their roots to the Dutch colonial era (from 1596 to 1942), such as kaasstengels which, from its Dutch name, is surely created by the Dutch. And, there are popular Indonesian heritage delicacies, such as nastar and lapis legit, that combine Dutch baking methods with locally sourced ingredients,

Asiatica Furniture: The Allure of Wood

Asiatica Furniture offers timeless solid wooden products, which are not only pleasing to the eye, but can also be handed down from generation to generation. Since its inception, Asiatica Furniture aims to be a brand that is synonymous with quality. Asiatica makes furniture that offers a taste of Indonesian design, but with a modern twist;

Jacquelink: Custom-made Crystal-Decorated Items

Looking for bespoke gifts? Check out Jacquelink, a Swarovski crystal accessories specialist, which creates special items based on the one’s taste, simple or glitzy. Whether it is a lavish anniversary present for a sweetheart or a  lovely gift for a bridesmaid, personalised items will surely make the recipient feel special. Jacquelink is famed for its beautiful clutches

The Batik Every Dapper Man Needs

Fresh from the runway of the latest Men’s Fashion Week at Plaza Indonesia comes a cultural phenomenon that blends Indonesian high art with Japanese street style fashion. Meet Ikemen from Parang Kencana. From the streets of Tokyo to the streets of Jakarta, cropped trousers otherwise known as culottes are making their way to modern men’s closets—along with

Paisley Things, Shopping for A Good Cause

In this season of giving, shop for a good cause at Paisley Things, a social enterprise where you can find an eclectic mix of handmade products, including retro-themed enamel pots, etched jugs and Christmas ornaments. Not only will you walk away with one-of-a-kind gifts, you’ll also help talented artisans build a profitable business. Photo By

Art Meets Technology: Indogress Transposes Traditional Batik To Beautiful Floor Tiles

Appearances can often be deceptive. Thanks to modern technology, it is possible to produce unique tiles patterned with beautiful Javanese batik motifs, which bear striking resemblance to batik fabrics in appearance. Tiles, over the years, have evolved significantly; state-of-the-art technology has enabled tile manufacturers to create patterns never before imagined. Today, thanks to digital printing,

Olenka: From Bali with Love

Many people love having a beach getaway; Bali-based Olenka offers lots of cool items, from cute shorts and tops to chic swimwear to spruce up your look when you hit the beach. Even if you are not a beach junkie, Olenka’s ready-to-wear pieces are still worth a look – maxi skirts, pants, dresses and jumpsuits

Bekal Dari Ibu: Premium Traditional Indonesian Cakes & Finger Food

Bekal Dari Ibu (literally translates as ‘victual from mother’) is one of a few brands that specialize in authentic Indonesian traditional cakes and finger food. Its outlets can be found at premium malls – cake shops that specialize in Indonesian traditional snacks are still something of a rarity at premium malls. From its humble beginnings

Traditional Craftmanship Meets Modern Design at Sanoesa

Sanoesa produces premium wooden products that are modern in look, yet are meticulously handcrafted by using traditional craftsmanship. Reclaimed old wood, from teak to rosewood, is turned into various beautiful eco-friendly items, including exquisite briefcases and cool bags that combine wood with exotic khombouw tree barks from Papua. Around the world, the age-old craftsmanship is

Alleira Kids: Premium Clothes for Little Darlings

Known for its beautiful high quality goods, Alleira Batik, which was established in 2005, has undeniably become one of Indonesia’s most recognisable contemporary batik labels. In 2008, this premium batik brand launched Alleira Kids, and much like Alleira’s clothing for adults, its children’s wear also reflects stylish designs. In the past, traditional textiles, including batik,

The Distinctive Taste of Honey Lane

Both locally made and imported honey is available at Jakarta’s premium supermarkets. However, while anyone can find liquid (“runny”) honey easily, I rarely see creamy-texture, semi-solid whipped honey – and most honey available here is the non-infused one. Honey Lane offers liquid honey along with whipped honey; they are made with local nectars, and are

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