Seaworld Ancol is one of the oldest and best known marine tourism sites in the city, but since its opening, Jakarta Aquarium has definitely become one of the most happening. Located at Neo Soho in West Jakarta, Jakarta Aquarium offers visitors a seascape of deep blue creatures from Indonesia’s maritime treasures with a combination of conservation and entertainment activities.

The main fish tank at Jakarta Aquarium. Photo courtesy of Jakarta Aquarium/NOW!JAKARTA

In early 2017, Taman Safari Indonesia presented Jakarta Aquarium – as part of celebrating its 30th anniversary – as leading project of a conservation and family recreation site in Indonesia. The aquarium boutique is the result of a collaborationbetween world-class artists and designers to build a maritime adventure that features Indonesia's biodiversity.

Jakarta Aquarium features beautiful immersive small fish tanks, digital displays and video mapping, taking visitors to discover a world of stories and the beauty of the ocean. The natural beauty of Indonesia can be seen through a collection of spiny leeks, giant Pacific oceans, blacktip reef sharks and coconut crabs.

The lower section of Jakarta Aquarium is even bigger and focuses on the famous yet endangered reefs and oceans of the Coral Triangle, where more than 3,000 species of fish can be found.

A massive interactive touch table shows the map of Indonesia and gives visitors precious information on the archipelago’s geography, biodiversity and traditions including the mangrove area, which takes the visitors on an immersive journey into the vast Indonesian islands’ mangrove, which is one of the most important but endangered parts of the marine ecosystem.

For a memorable experience, Jakarta Aquarium invites visitors to go diving in giant tanks and sea trekking with professional guides, while children can enjoy interactive multimedia activities in the child zone.

The Sea Explorer site shows the visitors more about the underworld – it will be just like being on a submarine. Jakarta Aquarium also presents a unique underwater theater show inspired by Indonesian folklore called “Pearl of the South Sea”, directed by Peter Wilson.

After the whole sea adventure, stop by at Pingoo, Jakarta Aquarium’s unique penguin restaurant which serves seafood and grill. Before you leave the Aquarium, Ocean Wonders offers a variety of maritime souvenirs, which you can purchase either as a gift or to take home yourself.

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Rintang Azhar

Rintang Azhar

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