February is here and romance is in the air. For many people – though not every one would agree – the warm glow and pleasant smell produced by scented candles set the mood for romance. 

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In the rather crowded market of Indonesian perfumed candles, which is filled by imported and locally-made ones, Kaminari’s handmade botanical candles stand out among the other goods, as candles that are decorated with real flowers and leaves are a rarity here. As far as I know, Kaminari is the only Indonesian brand that creates botanical candles. 

Let Kaminari candles set the mood for romance. As the candle burns, besides creating pleasant aroma, the candle illuminates the botanicals from within as well, adding to the romantic atmosphere to your room, especially when you turn off the lamps. 

Kaminari, the brainchild of Vina Kosasih, means “we dance” in Indonesian, while it means “thunder” in Japanese. The inspiration for Kaminari goods came out of Vina’s experience of enjoying leisure days on Belitung island on a holiday: the image of local children running, playing happily in the rain and the lazy, relaxed atmosphere on that tranquil island had a profound effect on her. Through her home fragrance items, she aims to bring the sense of leisure and laid-back atmosphere to people’s homes – “Leisure Days” is the motto of Kaminari. 

Vina, who speaks Japanese, is mostly self-taught in the art of making botanical scented candles, but her short course in Japan last year has deepened her knowledge in the field. 

Photo courtesy of Kaminari/NOW!JAKARTA

There are various Kaminari botanical candles on offer, such as lavender, clementine, rose, as well as pine and eucalyptus candles among others – real botanicals, from eucalyptus to rose petals to slices of clementine are placed inside those candles. 

“The visual of these flowers and leaves lighting up at night calms me so much,” says Vina. The goods are made of vegetable-based wax and use 100% cotton wick. Each candle has a price tag of IDR 238,000 (diameter 8 cm, height 7 cm; burn time 30 hours). 

Aside from vegetable candles, beeswax candles, which release gentle honey aroma and are enhanced with flowers as well as berries, are also available (priced at IDR 268,000 each; 30 hours burn time). The beeswax candle – Vina’s favourite – is made from natural wax produced by honey bees to build their honeycomb cells, thus when lit, it naturally releases a gentle honey aroma.  

The most expensive product on offer is a cinnamon candle that costs IDR 300,000  each (diameter 6 cm, height +/- 12 cm; burn time 45 hours). When lit, this cinnamon-scented candle slightly resembles a bonfire, thanks to cinnamon sticks, which encircle the candle. 

Over the years, Kaminari has been gradually introducing new product categories. Today, besides botanical candles, it also offers various fragrance oils from lavender to matcha among others (IDR 35,000 per bottle), as well as handmade wax sachets (IDR 128,000 each) that are created by using real dried flowers and leaves (plus, occasionally slices of dried fruits as well), and infused with Kaminari’s fragrance oil, hence it can be used to scent drawers and wardrobes. 

The most beautiful item on offer is Kaminari’s wax art. It is a unique handmade framed wall art, which is made of wax and dried botanicals, infused with Kaminari’s fragrance oil. Therefore, it is not only pleasing to the eyes but also has a function as a room fragrance. 

Photo courtesy of Kaminari/NOW!JAKARTA

Arranging the botanicals artistically for her products is Vina’s forte. Even though not directly related to her current work, it is beneficial to her that she has learnt the art of Ikebana in Japan before she founded Kaminari. 

Kaminari was established in November 2015. Vina resigned from her steady job as a graphic designer to focus on Kaminari in April 2016. From its humble beginnings, when the candles were made by Vina herself at the laundry deck of her house as a bootstrap business, Kaminari has grown steadily over the years, mainly thanks to word-of-mouth from her satisfied customers – today it has its own proper office and team of staff. 

Starting off as a retail brand, Kaminari has expanded into a business-to-business market. Its products can be purchased at a wholesale price with a small minimum quantity order. It also offers custom made pieces from corporate hampers to wedding souvenirs for corporate clients as well as individuals. 

Even though Kaminari has been focusing on designing and handcrafting candles, wax sachets and wax art, it is in the process to offer goods beyond wax-related items .Kaminari will launch its candle holders this year. 

“I am a fan of interior and home décor. In the future, Kaminari will also offer home wares, textiles, baskets and all that sort of things that can actually help people have Kaminari’s leisurely atmosphere in their homes,” says Vina. 

Vina hopes that her lovely home fragrance items helps you to enjoy the laid-back atmosphere of peaceful island life. So, chill out, take the time to slow down, light a botanical candle, which creates an alluring visual impact as it burns, breathe in the sweet-smelling scent and bask in the warm glow that will make you feel all warm and fuzzy (whether it is on Valentine’s Day or any other day of the year). 

Valentine’s day gift idea: do-it-yourself wax sachet & wax art 

Photo courtesy of Kaminari/NOW!JAKARTA

A present, made by your own hands, is surely one of the most thoughtful valentine gifts you can give to your loved ones. You can learn how to make lovely scented wax sachets and wax art at Kaminari’s office in West Jakarta with a minimum number of 6 participants (Vina does not offer any workshop on making botanical candles though). Group workshops at your chosen place, including for birthday parties and corporate events, can be arranged, with a minimum number of 10 participants. The wax sachet course costs IDR 300,000 per person, while wax art workshops cost IDR 550,000 per person. For more information, feel free to contact Kaminari directly. 

Vina speaks fluent English, thus there would be no language barrier for English-speaking participants. 

NOTE: Do not worry about the result – it is the thought that counts! 🙂
(Alternatively, you can purchase Kaminari’s valentine gift box and/or valentine wax sachet). 

Website: kaminari-id.com 
Instagram: @kaminari.id 
WhatsApp: 0813 176 01892 

Webstore: kaminari-id.com 

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Susanna Tjokro

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