Summer holidays—called mid year holidays in Indonesia—aren’t particularly long for most. So if you haven’t planned your vacation yet, why not participate in an activity that leads to a bit of self improvement? You could ask friends to join in what could possibly be a rather productive season!

This summer holiday can be your productive year by participating in many of activity that improve your self. Pexel/NOW!JAKARTA

Create an Instagram and Youtube Project
Instagram and Youtube are the most popular social media platforms nowadays. If you feel that your instagram handle is still a bit of a mess, It’s time to clear it up and focus on something that interests you—food, fashion, or sport. Actively posting content of a specific subject could help you gain followers. Via Instagram, you could learn more about photography styling and you can open up the possibility to inspire others by checking out your creative instagram content.

For millennials, being on Youtube could be a job where they monetise the content with video creation. Youtube will sharpen your skill in content creating, videography, and presentations. Liza Koshy, Raditya Dika, Fathia Izzati become a Youtube superstars this way. Similar to Instagram, concept and creativity is the key, but you could start this summer. It just might be the beginning of your career as an Instagram influencer or Youtuber.

Short term Internship and Volunteering
If you want to support your academic year, summer holidays could be even more productive by joining a short term summer internship. Many organisations and enterprises open for at least a month internship where you could get to experience what it’s like to work in your dream job and see if you’d be interested in pursuing it as a career. Professionals will give you tips and tricks, and they may even lead you in the right direction.

And for those who want to support a good cause or improve soft skill, volunteering for the organisations, social project, or summer events also would be great summer experience. You could make a new friends, involve yourself in teamwork, and of course help others.

Digital platform offer lists of student internship and volunteering that you could look out for.

Crafting Workshop
Crafting could exercise your skills and creativity. Kids, students, and parents can join a workshop which offers many courses, ranging from illustration, accessory making, book binding to leatherwork.

By charging a course fee, you could have your DIY final result and bring it home. Crafting studio and makerspace often invites experts and instructor who has experience in certain craftsmanship. For those who would like be an entrepreneur of crafts, it’s good opportunity to learn from industry experts.

There are few craft workshops and courses that offer variety and seasonal DIY programmes such as Alun & Alun Indonesia, Indoestri Makerspace, Ganara Art Studio, Kutakatik Art & Craft Class.

Summer Camp
Summer camps are always exciting for students to join, as they could learn and play in outdoor and creative environment. IWAPI Youth Summer Camp, Blue Dolphin PlayCamp, Engineering for Kids Summer Camp are among summer camp that parent and kids could participate in. This year, foundation and intercultural school in Jakarta also organise summer camps for their students and usually runs for a maximum of two weeks.

For those who want to experience your own summer camp, there also many alternative camping that combine outdoor activities and entertainment, supported with decent amenities. Friends and family can arrange camping trips around Jakarta which is the perfect time to bond during the summer.

Writing, Painting and Museum-Gallery Strolling
It’s not about writing for your school summer essay but practicing your interest into writing and send it for publication. Many digital platforms and publications offers space for community  contribution which could feature your essay. You could also freelance for many content providers that need your specific content based on your interests and make money from it.

Beside writing, visiting art galleries could be fun experience that trigger your senses and become the most reflective summer break. Seeing artworks and installations could be another casual day of vacation but it opens your sensitivities to certain discourses and ideas through visual mediums. In a productive way, you also could spend time painting at your home and make your own wall display.

There are a few renowned gallery which have great exhibits including National Gallery of Indonesia, Art:1 New Museum, and Museum MACAN.

It sometimes hard to start to be fit again after long period of work but summer is the best time to get in shape. The weather is good for fitness activities ranging from running, outdoor workout or even play volleyball at the beach.

Many people use their summer to be in shape by setting fitness challenges for themselves such as 30-day challenges and other schedules. People often find success from its training and continue the lifestyle through the year. Some public parks in Jakarta offer outdoor workout facilities where you could do your fitness training as well as relaxing after your workout.

Rintang Azhar

Rintang Azhar

Rintang is a previous staff writer for NOW! with experience in hard news and lifestyle journalism. He specialises in art, design, culture, fashion, environmental, and urban issues.