String art has evolved beyond a mere craft into a captivating art form, where colourful threads are meticulously arranged using mathematical, particularly geometric, calculations. This artistic technique has found its way into the world of art, creating captivating abstract images. The Silent & Loud exhibition by Nujumata showcases the artist’s exceptional skill and creativity in string art, featuring precisely crafted shapes and captivating gradations.

Nujumata, whose real name is Okky Faisal Rizky, is a contemporary artist deeply involved in string art. His works exhibit intricate patterns, precise calculations, and thoughtfully composed colour combinations. Okky’s interest in string art blossomed from his mother’s influence, as he observed her creating unique and innovative thread decorations for their home. Despite his introverted and somewhat nerdy personality, Okky expresses himself and shares his stories through the medium of string, skillfully arranging the threads using his mathematical and geometric expertise, honed during his studies in architecture at university. He delved into the art of nirmana painting and explored geometry through colour mandalas. Eventually, he made the difficult decision to leave college and join the local creative community movement.

“During my architectural studies, I became accustomed to working with lines. Through exploration, I discovered sacred geometry and learned to arrange lines from one point to another. I then applied this knowledge to the medium of string art, making use of the abundance of threads and yarn in my house. I started creating intricate patterns that required meticulous calculations to determine the placement of nails or pins. If even a single nail or pin was missing, it would disrupt the entire pattern. By arranging these elements on a board, I could bring mathematical concepts to life, enabling me to create curved geometric shapes,” Okky explained.

Silent & Loud marks Okky’s debut exhibition, where he introduces his works to the public. The title of the exhibition, as well as the six displayed pieces, offer insights into his life experiences and personality. “Silent & Loud truly reflects who I am. Countless thoughts constantly occupy my mind, from the moment I wake up until I return home from the office, surrounded by the hustle and bustle of a chaotic world. It is in my moments of silence that I find an outlet for these thoughts, without the need for words. I rarely compromise; I simply take thread, nails, and boards and engage in this artistic process after work, often until after midnight. Creating these artworks serves as a form of meditation and refreshment,” Okky shared. He further revealed that it takes him one to three days to complete each piece.

In his recent works, Okky employs two types of string, polyester and nylon, and spontaneously decides on colour patterns. His admiration for the beauty of the ancient Seven Wonders is reflected in “Pharos,” a 40×40 cm board featuring rotating rainbow colours that symbolise the illuminating light on a journey. Another work, “Augum Hjartans,” named after an Icelandic term he adores, showcases the eyes of the heart using polyester thread on a 50×50 cm board. This piece represents a pure and sacred heart, illustrating that its true nature is not always white but colourful. Additionally, “Bronchus,” derived from the Lithuanian language meaning “dim,” features a pattern resembling a green plague doctor mask, symbolizing the world’s condition affected by an epidemic.

The Silent & Loud exhibition is currently held at ARTOTEL Casa Kuningan and will run until 16 July 2023, or follow the artist on Instagram @nujumata or @okkyfaizalr.

Sari Widiati

Sari Widiati

Sari has been an arts and culture enthusiast for many years. She has written extensively on the arts, travel, and social issues as Features Writer at NOW! Jakarta.