English learning centre, CELS Indonesia has introduced a modern and adaptive language programme, progressed from digital learning to blended learning. The English learning course combines live online sessions with valuable online self-study. The digital platform will accommodate the learner’s preferences.

The CELS Online blended learning experience is English as a Second Language (ESL)’s answer to modern and convenient learning. Photo courtesy of CELS Indonesia/NOW!JAKARTA

The CELS blended learning experience implements smart learning for its students entirely online and on-demand. Students begin by taking the CELS Placement Test which is designed by experienced native speakers with the specific aim of finding the perfect level to suit one’s needs. Based on the results of Placement Test, CELS will organise the ideal course and takes the students on a language development experience that will build user’s confidence in using the English language for business.

Course members will also get access to hundreds of activities, quizzes, assignments, and language guides which serve to boost the knowledge of the language. As one joins the blended learning at CELS, there are four key skills such as Reading, Writing, Speaking, and Listening which could be learned.  It also focus on four key areas, Grammar, Vocabulary, Work Skills, and Functions.

As the part of self-study of blended learning, students can access on-demand live sessions where they will engage with CELS online classroom. The class will be guided through lessons carefully designed for the students’ level by CELS’ experienced trainers.

Through this particular learning, people will have access to the best way of learning the language and using it in more relaxed and comfortable settings. The trainers are carefully selected to make sure an educators have a fun, engaging, and supportive personality that will create a stress-free learning environment.

The CELS Online blended learning experience is English as a Second Language (ESL)’s answer to modern and convenient learning. The company understands that as the Internet has become an indispensable part of our lives, time itself has become more and more of a valuable commodity.

For more information, visit https://cels-indonesia.com/

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