There are many associations one has with Japan – and restaurants associated with the cuisine. One of them is Sushi Hiro, a restaurant at Senayan City mall which offers delectable Japanese cuisine in zen environs.

At Sushi Hiro, delectable pieces of sushi laid out on mini wooden ‘stairs',  which is a unique presentation. Photo by Radityta Fadilla/NOW!JAKARTA

Sushi Hiro, with its multiple branches around the city offers an experience that is instantly evocative. A pebbled entryway punctuated by soften coloured wooden planks welcome the visitor and take their seats in the softly lit restaurant. The Japanese penchant for detail is well represented here from the decor to the cuisine. What sets this restaurant apart is the ‘sushi tower’ and ‘sushi stairs’.

Here, delectable pieces of sushi, from the bombastic roll with cream cheese and salmon to the ‘bomb’ series with foie gras and beef are all beautifully laid out on mini wooden ‘stairs’, which is a unique presentation. In addition there are other Japanese favourites such as wagyu and garlic with rice and kagoshima beef with onsen, which is a platter of thinly sliced beef served with an onsen egg. For dessert, if you’ve got any room after such a delectable feast, there is the ogura and matcha ice cream (along with a choice of other flavours.

Sushi Hiro
Mall Senayan City
Jl. Asia Afrika No. 5 – 29, Jakarta

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