Promoting "Say Yes To Less" Campaign for Sustainable Culinary Industry
NOW! Jakarta invited stakeholders in food industry to together start raising our awareness of food waste problems via Say Yes to Less campaign. Photos by Raditya Fadilla/NOWJAKARTA

NOW! Jakarta made another push towards sustainability by encouraging partners and BRBCA 2019 participants to manage waste responsibly.

On 11 July, F&B directors, restaurant owners and managers, DOSMs, Operational and General Managers of upscale hotels, executive chefs and other key industry players from the hospitality and F&B industry gathered at GoWork fX Sudirman to attend NOW! Jakarta’s Say Yes To Less workshop.

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The initiative was created with the sole purpose of reducing negative impact of waste on the environment in support of Jakarta’s policy on responsible waste management. After a welcoming speech by NOW! Jakarta Founder, Alistair Speirs, Rahmawati, Head of Waste Management at Jakarta’s Environmental Agency (Dinas Lingkungan Hidup DKI Jakarta) explained the city’s waste management policy in detail, including eye-opening facts on why the issue of waste management is pressing today, as well as systems currently in place to address the issue.

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Representatives from retail responsible waste management consultant, Waste4Change, food donation platform aiming to reduce food waste, Y Waste and provider of sustainable packaging and hospitality products, Avani then proceeded to share their respective endeavours and potential solutions to the issue of waste management.

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In his opening speech, Alistair Speirs encouraged everyone present to take waste management and sustainable products seriously. “We all know the problem is there, and we are here to find out what we can do starting now and to connect with organisations and agencies like the Dinas Lingkungan Hidup, Waste4Change, Y Waste and Avani, who are trying their best to come up with a solution. It is no longer acceptable to acknowledge our environmental issues and just sit around and do nothing. The time to act is now.”

Also part of the workshop, NOW! Jakarta together with a team of experts from supporting agencies provided free waste management analysis and suggestions based on each participants three-day report of their waste disposal.

Say Yes To Less workshop was organised by NOW! Jakarta.

Refa Koetin

Refa Koetin

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