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Enjoy authentic Italian dishes at Senso Unico. Photos by Raditya Fadilla/NOWJAKARTA

Famed worldwide for its dishes, having Italian meals is such a unique experience. If you want a true taste of Italy with unusual dining experiences, then look no further than Senso Unico.

Nestled in the area of Sudirman Park Apartment, Senso Unico has successfully opened its door to fellow Italian food lovers in the capital. It’s not just the food that makes dining here a unique experience! Senso Uniqo has a wide range of dishes and to use regional specialties as the main ingredients.

It’s also the atmosphere! Adopting authentic Italian culture, the restaurant’s atmosphere sets the stage. Enjoy extremely warm ambiance from the first time you step in. Factors such as music, lighting and music just match perfectly, creating comfort intimacy and even romance.

As you settle down to enjoy your seat, feast your eyes on Insalata di Polipo. Of course, with the accompaniment of fresh olives, lemon juice, chili flakes and celery, this octopus salad won’t fail to satisfy you, savouring the taste of the fresh herbs with superbly balanced flavours.

Moving on to the first course is a light pasta dish Pappardelle ai Funghi Porcini, a homade fettucine with porcini mushrooms mixed with garlic, fresh olives and parsley. Next comes the meat course T-bone steak with roasted potato. A very simple dish but can be a wholesome and well-balanced tasty meal!

Don’t miss out a very special dolci to sweeten up your meal. Layered with mascarpone cream and cold chocolate, Semifreddo al Mascarpone makes a delicious version of tiramisu.

All dishes are specially made by Chef Stefano Quaquarelli who hails from the city of Bologna.

Senso Unico

Sudirman Park Apartment Blok C 39
Jalan K.H. Mas Mansyur, Tanah Abang, Jakarta 10220
T: +62 21 25198642
IG: @sensounicojkt
FB: @sensounicojakarta

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