The GAIA Hotel Bandung recently added its newest wellness facility, Sepik Massage Therapy & Spa, offers treatment experiences that soothe and alleviate impact of stress and fatigue from body and mind.

Named after the world’s 10th longest river in New Guinea, which is one of the most undisturbed natural habitats, to extol its natural background, Sepik Massage Therapy and Spa is the perfect place to deeply experience active/rest which focuses on therapeutic massages. It is nestled in the most tranquil area of the GAIA Hotel Bandung facing mountain greenery which helps guests release their stress and pressure with a beautiful view.

“Sepik is not a beauty spa. We had reviewed what is the purpose of most people coming to the spa. That is for massage. Sepik is for releasing the stress, pressure, and refilling energy. We craft our therapies and use natural products with benefits beyond our guests’ time here. With two aims, to empty and to fill, which is untangle the knots to facilitates toxin drainage and make way for renewal. We take it upon ourselvs to prepare the body for more active rest.” explained Listya Suhita, Recreation and Wellness Manager of The GAIA Hotel Bandung.

Sepik offers three therapy treatment categories; health, stress, and sports, from compact 30-minute rituals to elaborate two-hour therapies. Most of the treatments on offer are suitable for physically active individuals with their healing qualities. Like Sports Massage, it combines deep tissue massage and fast rhythm techniques, designed to reduce muscle spasms, facilitate muscle recovery, decrease neurological excitability, and improve range of movement. Or, Reflexology which applies varying methods of massage techniques for varying degrees of pressure on the whole of the foot to unblock energy flow and the body’s natural healing.

Furthermore, guests who are looking for a more extensive and thorough relaxation can opt for Deep Tissue Massage where the massage works to ease tensions, boost circulation, improve mobility and skin tone by reaching into the deepest layers of muscle tissues and acupoints. The therapist will focus on areas of concerns specified by the guest.

Guests can also choose Lymphatic Drainage Massage, a gentle massage therapy complemented with dry brushing technique to stimulate circulation in the lymphatic system and aid detoxification. Target areas include lymph nodes on armpit, groin, gut, and in between the lungs. Meanwhile, Sleep Massage is for an extensive therapy to improve sleep quality by relieving the nervous system and removing muscle tension to reduce physical and mental fatigue

Sepik Massage Therapy and Spa also provides series hand-made and natural retail products to purchase, such as essential oils, massage oils, body wash, shampoo, conditioner, and body lotion.

Sepik Massage Therapy and Spa
The Gaia Hotel Bandung, P6 Level, Tower C
Jalan Setiabudi No. 430
Bandung, West Java 40143
T: +62 811 2002 2914
Open from 10 am to 10 pm.


Sari Widiati

Sari Widiati

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