Are you aware that your everyday waste is potentially hazardous to your health? Overflowing, unattended or mismanaged organic waste rots down and releases bad odor that attract flies and rodents, potentially spreading disease. How do we avoid this?

Waste4Change provides Responsible Waste Management that reduces the risk of waste contamination during the waste-handling process

The health impact of solid waste

A large amount of Jakarta’s waste goes to Jakarta’s landfill in Bantar Gebang, but there is a gap between waste generation and pick-up. This window allows flies to wander into the waste pile and later to restaurant kitchens or homes in the area. This is the common method of transmission for diseases such as typhoid fever, food poisoning, gastroenteritis, and other major illness.

Fact: Each day, 20,000 tonnes of waste is disposed to the waterways of Citarum River, the source of Jatiluhur Reservoir which supplies 80% of Jakarta’s water. As this copious amount of waste seeps into people’s lives through water, many people became infected with skin diseases from scabies to infections.

Preventing the health impact of waste

At the household level, proper segregation of waste has to take place and every household should ensure that organic waste is managed through organic waste treatment such as home composting. Organic waste easily decomposes and attracts insects the most, thus direct treatment is always preferred. By sorting the waste at home, we also prevent contamination to recyclables waste and making it more valuable in the recycling market. Any major source of waste such as offices, restaurants or malls that segregate their waste further contribute towards decreasing the health impact of waste.

Waste management operators at Waste4Change are required to use work safety equipment to avoid contamination of unwanted diseases

To support your effort in sorting waste, Waste4Change provides Zero Waste to Landfill service—a waste management system which implements waste segregation from the source and ensures that all of the waste is managed according to its type so that none of them are sent to the wrong place. In this service, Waste4Change will collect your sorted waste regularly based on your needs and will provide you a regular report that consist of your waste volume, categories, level of segregation as well as the output of waste processing.

It is strongly recommended to sort out at least organic and non-organic waste to prevent contamination of garbage

To keep you and your environment away from any hazardous conditions, and also to help increase the recycling rate and the health safety of waste management operators, let’s collaborate with Waste4Change to implement a proper waste sorting at your location.

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