From the usual dim sum suspects such as shumai, har gao and cheong fun to all-time favourite light bites, guilty pleasure carbs and roasts, Asiatale Restaurant & Bar has got it all – the Asian way.

the Dim Sum menu is divided into three categories – Steamed, Fried/Pan-fried and Cheong Fun – and boils down to a fulfilling list of items. Classic Wo-Tie, Prawn Beancurd Skin Roll, Portuegese  Egg Tart and Xiao Long Bao are some of the must-have items here. All You Can Eat Dim Sum at Asiatale Restaurant & Bar is available at IDR 150K nett per person, inclusive of free iced tea and dessert.

But dim sum isn’t the only reason Asiatale Restaurant & Bar has been attracting Jakarta foodies. There are other big hits on the menu, which shows a good array of Indonesian, Chinese and Thai cuisines.

Over in the Deep Fry then Stir Fry category, Tiger Prawn Golden Egg Yolk is translated as deep-fried tiger prawn sautéed in buttery egg yolk sauce. Other items, such as Fried Fish Fillet with Thai Sauce and Crispy Beef, are equally tantalising. Fans of classic Chinese dishes such as Szechuan-style Stir Fry Beef and Kung Pao Chicken should not miss out on these picks, much as Thai food lovers would enjoy Pad Thai Noodle and Tom Yum Goong Soup here.

The ambiance at Asiatale Restaurant & Bar speaks of charming modern sensibility, prominently displaying distinctive decorative elements such as Chinese lanterns. The strategic location of the establishment in the Senopati area makes it a top choice for both business and social gatherings.

Asiatale Restaurant & Bar
Jl. Suryo No. 15, Senopati, Jakarta Selatan
T: +62-21 22775599
M: 087775475285

Asyariefah R.A.

Asyariefah R.A.

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