Tutor Time Indonesia, an early childhood education center, gave a generous donation to the Red Nose Foundation to support its education and circus programme for underprivileged children. Matthew Tyne, Executive Director of the Red Nose Foundation, received a ceremonial cheque from Melania Hamdan, Foundation Head of Tutor Time Indonesia on 31 January.

The donation came from the proceedings of the “Care to Share” programme which was launched in October 2016 in all nine of Tutor Time Indonesia’s campuses. Tutor Time Indonesia organses these biennial fundraising campaigns to encourage parents and students to donate to one selected organization. Both parents and teachers also invested a lot of time into creating fundraising events, such as bazaars, car wash, crafts auctions and music performances.

“Care to Share 2016” raised IDR 382,000,000 which will enable the Red Nose Foundation to facilitate the education for hundreds of children at the North Jakarta Community Center for Children (NJCCC) in Cilincing over the next 12 months. The programme supports educational and personal development for some of Jakarta’s poorest children through the engagement of passionate professionals and the purchase of circus and educational supplies.

As part of the “Care to Share 2016” programme, the children at Tutor Time Indonesia also learned about empathy. For the education center, empathy is an important component of social and emotional development and needs to be encouraged in children from a very young age. Tutor Time uses various ways to develop empathy and other social-emotional skills in its classrooms, from the toddler classes to kindergarten and school.

Sari Widiati

Sari Widiati

Sari has been an arts and culture enthusiast for many years. She has written extensively on the arts, travel, and social issues as Features Writer at NOW! Jakarta.