Are you thinking about taking a holiday in Europe? Put Germany on the list!

Tourist Destination Germany A Country of Highest Standards (1)

The Western Europe country offers many tourist attractions, great facilities and an impressive infrastructure. According to the German National Tourist Board, that works globally to promote Germany as a tourist destination, the popularity of Germany as a holiday destination continues to grow worldwide. Since the country’s reunification in 1989/1990 the number of overnight stays by foreign visitors has more than doubled, from 35 million to around 80 million today.

So, what is so special about Germany that makes it worth a visit? There are many reasons, too many to mention, but for starters, Germany is a hospitable country that makes its guests feel very welcome. The urban centres in particular are often multicultural and therefore quite attractive to foreign tourists.

As a country, Germany has an impeccable image as an economic power and a travel destination. In the Anholt GfK Roper Nations Brand Index (NBI), which measures the brand equity of a country, Germany has always been ranked among the top three over the last ten years. And according to the Travel and Tourism Competitiveness Report compiled by the World Economic Forum, Germany was in third place on the supply side in a comparison of 114 countries.

Tourist Destination Germany A Country of Highest Standards (2)

Another strength of Germany is its location in the heart of Europe and therefore easily accessible from every country in the world, supported by the country’s many international airports. The transport infrastructure is excellent: tourists can use express trains or cheaper buses to travel from one place to another; the close integration of regional and local public transport opens up the entire country. The well-developed network of motorways and country roads ensures that journeys are convenient and enjoyable.

Germany’s culinary scene is more varied than one might think. The country boasts more than 250 award-winning restaurants offering high-quality cuisine. Its chefs serve exquisite food as well as more simple, down-to-earth dishes, with regional products and seasonal fare providing a taste of both the modern and the traditional. Germany is also internationally renowned as a wine country. A visit to one of its thirteen wine-growing areas will provide authentic insights into the regions and the local culture.

Germany also offers a wide range of places to stay, from simple accommodations for backpackers to world-class luxury hotels with exceptional personal service.

Sari Widiati

Sari Widiati

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