Dr. Meryl “Mimi” Kallman

Step into a world where Dr’s Clinic and Asa Ren converge, sharing a common mission to unlock the secrets of vibrant living. Dr. Meryl “Mimi” Kallman, a compassionate physician from the USA, has found her second home in enchanting Indonesia. Drawing from her invaluable experiences combating viral diseases in India and exploring internal medicine in Kenya, Dr. Kallman has become a beacon of hope in the realm of wellness. Now her team at Dr’s Clinic, in partnership with Asa Ren, has pioneered the fusion of Eastern and Western approaches to healthy living, positioning themselves as the leading experts in longevity medicine within Indonesia’s dynamic landscape.

While the world has been captivated by the challenges posed by Covid-19 over the past three years, it’s vital to recognise that other diseases have quietly lingered in the shadows, yearning for attention. Dr. Kallman explains that this is a timely reminder that we must no longer delay essential healthcare. Armed with invaluable training from Universitas Pelita Harapan and the prestigious Johns Hopkins School of Tropical Medicine and Public Health, she is well-equipped to address tropical diseases, clinical medicine, and the pressing health concerns of developing countries.

Introducing ‘ETERNAL: Asaren 360 Wellness and Longevity Program,’ a revolutionary initiative jointly spearheaded by Dr’s Clinic and Asa Ren. This transformative program is meticulously designed to empower individuals on their path to vibrant living. It encompasses a comprehensive range of cutting-edge assessments and personalised interventions, enabling participants to take charge of their well-being and defy the boundaries of time.

Dr. Meryl “Mimi” Kallman

“We all want to live longer, right?” said Dr Kallman in her speech at the soft launch of the new service. “Modern medicine has allowed us to do so. We now live an average of 25 years longer than our ancestors did a century ago. But, do we live better? Are the last 25 years of our lives healthy and fulfilling years? The question should not just be how to prolong life, but also how to prolong health.”

Eternal, Asaren Longevity Program puts the focus on Healthspan”, perhaps new terminology but one which makes a lot of sense.

There are two ways to approach our personal health, proactively or reactively, and in times past, our grandparents and parents and perhaps even some of today’s generation have almost always taken a reactive approach to our health. We wait until something hurts, often even leaving it far too long to check out what is really wrong, and further endangering ourselves, before we seek professional medical advice. Asa Ren believes this approach is flawed and aims to keep us all healthy, not to alleviate us only when we are already sick.

But do we know how to be healthy? Of course the classic answers are: eat well, exercise regularly, sleep a good 8 hours a night. Take vitamins and other food supplements and of course try to manage our stress levels.

But it is becoming more and more apparent that this is not a one-size-fits-all solution. We don’t look like the person sitting on your left or right. So why would we assume that on a cellular level we all need the same formula?

Asa Ren understands this. And as Dr Kallman says: “My great grandfather, my hero when I was a kid, used to say ‘there’s a reason we call it a ‘medical practice’. Because we are all practicing’. And he was right, until now we’ve been continuing to learn as we go. If something isn’t a good fit, we tweak it and try again. And so is the scientific method. We take an educated guess, a hypothesis, and put it to the test. We practice and practice and practice.”

Dr. Meryl “Mimi” Kallman

With some 25,000 genes, 78 major organs and a human genome variance of around 15% (based upon our diversity) in our bodies, a holistic approach along with strong doses of technology can take the here-to-for “practice” out of medicine.

The premise is that Asa Ren takes the guesswork out of your treatment plan; less practice, more certainty. And with infinite respect for Dr Kallman’s great grandpa (still one of her greatest heroes) we are entering a new wave of medicine. We are putting a strong focus on individualised prevention, based on very early detection, followed by precision treatment. And Asa Ren is leading this wave in Southeast Asia with Eternal Longevity.

The longevity program includes:

1. DNA Profiling: Uncover valuable insights into your genetic makeup to assess genetic risks and tailor the program to your unique needs.

2. Biological Age Assessment: Gain a deeper understanding of your current biological age, providing a benchmark to track your progress throughout the program.

3. Hormone Health Evaluation: Explore the intricate balance of hormones in your body, ensuring optimal functioning and vitality.

4. Six-Month Transformation: Embark on a transformative journey over six months, equipped with the necessary tools to improve your health span, reduce your biological age, and delay or prevent the onset of chronic illnesses. This comprehensive program includes regular doctor visits, nutrition advice, IV supplement therapy, fitness assessment and recommendations, and mental wellness counselling.

5. End-of-Program Assessment: Measure your success and celebrate the transformation with a final biological age assessment, highlighting the progress made on your path to rejuvenation.

If we want to live healthy, we have to first accept that that means a different thing for each and every person. We are unique and individual and so should be our healthcare. With the launch of Eternal, Dr Kallman confidently announced that the program was now here and was able to declare a new enlightened Era of Health Management and Care in Indonesia.

Asa Ren and Dr’s Clinic are leading the charge in Southeast Asia, revolutionising the field of longevity medicine. By integrating advanced scientific knowledge with state-of-the-art technology, they empower individuals to take control of their well-being and unlock their full potential for a vibrant and fulfilling life.

To embark on this extraordinary journey towards rejuvenation and lasting well-being, connect with Dr’s Clinic or explore Asa Ren’s website at www.asaren.ai.

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