A Train Journey to Jogjakarta

“Tiket, tes dan ID” beamed a friendly face. It was the conductor.  Full of anticipation and anxiety for the journey ahead, I fumbled my papers into his hands. It was the first time in six years I had taken local intercity trains. My last train trip was an excursion to Semarang from Jakarta: a pleasant

Tech Gifts for the Holidays

This Christmas, it’s time to get your children something different from socks and undies. I personally don’t mind getting them, but to avoid hearing the classic “Oh!”, followed by a “Thank you so much!” as response, I advise you to have a quick look at what 2016 has provided us with. The items in this

River Deep Mountain High

There are a lot of really good trekking places not that far from Jakarta for ‘over-urbanised’ people, but most people don’t know they are there and don’t get the chance to see dramatic landscapes and breathe clean air. On the other hand there are school students who are pointed at the hills and told to

River Deep, Mountain High

After an exhausting hike through the thunder and rain, we finally arrived at a clearing. A few farm houses had been built in the clearing and a dog came to greet us. Both groups huddled around a lady called KK, our trip leader and we stood around anxiously awaiting news that we were close to

Indonesia Unfolded Seeks to Help the John Fawcett Foundation

When high-school students Samantha Hawes, Jongwoo Kim and Chiara Wahsono were first introduced to the John Fawcett Foundation and their work, they were inspired to be more active contributors in their local community. The foundation, with its multiple medical programmes and mobile eye clinics, is located in the heart of Sanur and recognised by the

Making the World a Better Place, One ‘Strand’ at a Time

Back in April, two girls were inspired to do something: what they wanted to do wasn’t an original idea but the concept was new to most people here in Jakarta, and it touched many. Let me introduce you to the girls first: they are two fantastic people who I’ve had the pleasure of knowing. The

A Local Getaway

Living in Jakarta isn’t an easy task. More often than not the monotonous humming of the idle engines can drive a person insane. Waking up in the morning to see a bleak sky isn’t great either, however we all make do to get by in the world. Luckily for us, the residents of Jakarta, we

Giving for the Sake of Giving

Even if you’re the most selfish person in human history, it’s still in our nature to give. We give different things, for varying purposes, to accomplish different goals. We gift a special someone a box of chocolates in hopes of receiving gratitude (maybe in the form of a kiss or a hug), or we invest

Introducing Service Spotlight Presented by Project Horizon

Indonesia is an exceptionally large and unique country. There’s no disputing that. If you were to visit one island every day, it would take you almost 50 years to see all of them.  With our vast spread of islands, we also have quite a large population to match. With our ever-increasing headcount, the national motto,

Now Bali