In Conversation with Chef Akshay Bhardwaj

Chef Akshay Bhardwaj of the Michelin-starred Indian restaurant Junoon in New York City will be at the Faimont Hotel Jakarta this month to present some of his award-winning dishes in a special four-hands dinner. NOW! Jakarta spoke to him about his passion for creating innovative dishes. Chef Akshay Bhardwaj at Michelin-starred Indian restaurant Junoon in

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FEAST by Kokiku: An Homage to Southeast Asian Cuisine

After developing Indonesia’s cooking channels, Kokiku TV has expanded its business into the restaurant industry. Their latest venture, named FEAST by Kokiku, is in partnership with chef Ray Janson, Kokiku TV is committed to accelerating and complementing their audiences with Asian comfort cuisine in an art deco botanical design. In partnership with chef Ray Janson,

Family Ties

Having a four-year-old and a six-year-old, whose likes and dislikes seem to have been programmed from birth (this one likes chili, bananas and papaya; that one speaks in an English accent, likes chocolate, and is crazy about pink. And purple), I’m convinced that nature is just as important (or even more so), than nurture. Wina

Contemporary Dining at Doncaster Eatery in Bali

When in Bali, tourists often look to explore culinary spots—and Doncaster Eatery is certainly well worth a visit. Since its opening last year, the restaurant has become a destination of sorts for breakfast, brunch and dinner. Doncaster's Benedict is one of the siganture menu for breakfast at the restaurant. Photo courtesy of Doncaster Eatery/NOW!JAKARTA On

A Conversation with William Wongso: “Food is Not about Investment”

Chef and food expert William W. Wongso is a very busy man. In between his tours around Indonesia and the world, NOW! Jakarta had the opportunity to talk to him about the culinary scene both here and overseas. Indonesian renowned chef and culinary expert, William W. Wongso at his office. Photo by Raditya Fadilla/NOW!JAKARTA  Can

The New Versus the Old

As the capital city of a rapidly developing country in Southeast Asia, Jakarta is the place to be for the fast moving Indonesian middle class. My trip to the Maritime Museum in Kota Tua all those years ago showed me how small Jakarta was when it was founded hundreds of years ago. The variety of

Cafe Gratify is Truly for the Love of Good Food

Run by a mother-daughter duo, Fira Sofyan and Claudia Sofyan, Cafe Gratify, which held its grand launching in May, serves both gourmet Asian and Western comfort food. Binte Soup is good food on Cafe Grafity's menu, served with the freshest ingredients and cooking techniques, the flavours of the dishes are bold and tasty. Photo courtesy of

New Grand Café is Designed to Feel Like Home

Stuated on the lobby level, Grand Café welcomes diners to its space which feels like a dining room in one’s home. Warm earthy browns combined with marble tiles, chinaware and a touch of Dutch colonial style, the restaurant is a mix of bronze artwork, vases and wood carvings from across the archipelago. Relaunched after its

Far from Concentrate, Cold-Pressed Juice is the Perfect Alternative

Re.juve has marketed pure, natural cold-pressed juice across its several stores in Jakarta. NOW! Jakarta spoke to Managing Director Richard Anthony about the growing popularity of cold-pressed juice Re.juve offers variety of cold fresh juice that can be alternative nutrition to support healthy lifestyle. Photo courtesy of Re.juve/NOW!JAKARTA  What are the advantages of cold-pressed juices

You are What You Eat: Good Food, Good Life

Speaking of health, I never thought it to be that important. As a typical Asian, I did not grow up an outdoorsy person, I was not very sporty and I was always afraid of going to the gym. But not long ago, I began to realise what it was all about. It all started just

Ajag Ijig Turned up a Notch with Betawi Cuisine

For years, a restaurant was known for the food it served up, perhaps its environment, and certainly a place to be seen. Then social media added another dimension to our lives, and being seen online became just as important. Some restaurants have delivered – on the Instagrammable front—but very few have found that perfect balance of great

AMUZ’s Latest Menu is Evocative of a French Summer

French cuisine celebrates the seasons and the produce that emerges during the summer months are a delight. Amuz Gourmet is in tune with the many delights of French dining and recently introduced its summer menu which, as always, is studded with gems. Indulge Turbot fish served with green asparagus, butternut puree and orange confit with

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