Far from Concentrate, Cold-Pressed Juice is the Perfect Alternative

Re.juve has marketed pure, natural cold-pressed juice across its several stores in Jakarta. NOW! Jakarta spoke to Managing Director Richard Anthony about the growing popularity of cold-pressed juice Re.juve offers variety of cold fresh juice that can be alternative nutrition to support healthy lifestyle. Photo courtesy of Re.juve/NOW!JAKARTA  What are the advantages of cold-pressed juices

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You are What You Eat: Good Food, Good Life

Speaking of health, I never thought it to be that important. As a typical Asian, I did not grow up an outdoorsy person, I was not very sporty and I was always afraid of going to the gym. But not long ago, I began to realise what it was all about. It all started just

Ajag Ijig Turned up a Notch with Betawi Cuisine

For years, a restaurant was known for the food it served up, perhaps its environment, and certainly a place to be seen. Then social media added another dimension to our lives, and being seen online became just as important. Some restaurants have delivered – on the Instagrammable front—but very few have found that perfect balance of great

AMUZ’s Latest Menu is Evocative of a French Summer

French cuisine celebrates the seasons and the produce that emerges during the summer months are a delight. Amuz Gourmet is in tune with the many delights of French dining and recently introduced its summer menu which, as always, is studded with gems. Indulge Turbot fish served with green asparagus, butternut puree and orange confit with

South East Asia Meets the American South West in a Confluence of Spices

Growing up in the United States, Derek Rugsaken, was influenced by the complex flavours of his father’s native Thailand. In 2008, he moved to the southern Thai province of Songkhla where he developed a liking for the cuisine with its mix of Chinese, Thai and Malaysian flavours. Chef Derek Rugsaken blends southeast Asian flavours and the

Meandering Through the Aisles of Art, My Soul Rested and at Peace

Art has been part of my life for longer than I care to think of. My decision to pursue fashion design studies in London after completing my bachelor’s degree in Psychology and Management was just the continuation of my childhood calling to draw and paint. As a kid, I won several art competitions—and one of

Bali Luna : What’s Cooking, Tanjung Benoa?

Exploring Tanjung Benoa on a culinary quest will take you to one of Bali’s best kept dining secrets. Nestled by the azure lagoon pool of Hotel Nikko Bali Benoa Beach, Bali Luna is where culinary sensations from around the world are served with genuine, impeccable service. Tuna Tataki and Bali Luna Starting this August, Bali

Fresh and Zestful Flavours at Relish Bistro

Relish Bistro, located within Fraser Residence Menteng Jakarta, is space where one can recharge and refuel in plush environs. True to its name, Relish Bistro features fresh and zestful flavours to the table.  The opening of the much anticipated café was celebrated in style in mid July. Photo courtesy of Relish Bistro/NOW!JAKARTA With dishes that

Saigonsan, the Art of Asian Food

To describe Saigonsan as a restaurant is like saying that the Vatican Museum is a small part of a church. It is not. it is a magnificent concept, delivered in style, portraying Asian culture and history brilliantly and meaningfully, and allowing guests to simply marvel at the exuberance of real symbols of ancient Asian cultures.

Tangier Introduces Diners to the Varied Flavours of Moroccan Cuisine

Fresh flavours and slow cooking processes ensure balance and depth—the definition of Moroccan cuisine. The cuisine is still in its infancy in the city’s dining circles,  but Tangier, located centrally in Thamrin Residence, introduces us to the delicious dishes of this North African country. Located centrally in Thamrin Residence, Tangier introduces us to the delicious

Kisoji Offers a Delicious and Interactive Shabu-Shabu Experience

North Jakarta’s dining scene is expanding rapidly and the latest restaurant, Kisoji, offers a delicious— and interactive— shabu-shabu experience in confines that feel like home. Kisoji invites guests to spend time enjoying its wide range of typical Japanese shabu-shabu, from meat and fish to vegetables. Photo by Raditya Fadilla/NOW!JAKARTA Pantai Indah Kapuk (PIK) in North

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