How Technology is Changing Our Food

Although I am essentially a home cook, I have never underestimated the power of technology to improve my cooking skills. Maybe that’s because I’m Asian – and Asians never expect to be expert in anything until they’ve got all the right equipment. As a cook who had never cooked or baked before, the first thing

Wine and Dine With Wina: Location, Location, Location

When we talk about food and architecture, nothing to my mind beats Le Jules Verne restaurant at the Eiffel Tower. The reason I decided to go there was purely touristy; I wanted something to eat that was cukup bagus, with a beautiful view of Paris in the background. The view was more important to my

Quality Control

Great food, prepared efficiently, is vital to the success of any chef. In addition, those who spend time and effort learning the nuances of their art often produce results ultimately provide diners the biggest bang for their culinary buck Wina Bissett discuss about her experience to sense the quality control of the food. Photo by

Family Ties

Having a four-year-old and a six-year-old, whose likes and dislikes seem to have been programmed from birth (this one likes chili, bananas and papaya; that one speaks in an English accent, likes chocolate, and is crazy about pink. And purple), I’m convinced that nature is just as important (or even more so), than nurture. Wina

The New Versus the Old

As the capital city of a rapidly developing country in Southeast Asia, Jakarta is the place to be for the fast moving Indonesian middle class. My trip to the Maritime Museum in Kota Tua all those years ago showed me how small Jakarta was when it was founded hundreds of years ago. The variety of

You are What You Eat: Good Food, Good Life

Speaking of health, I never thought it to be that important. As a typical Asian, I did not grow up an outdoorsy person, I was not very sporty and I was always afraid of going to the gym. But not long ago, I began to realise what it was all about. It all started just

Meandering Through the Aisles of Art, My Soul Rested and at Peace

Art has been part of my life for longer than I care to think of. My decision to pursue fashion design studies in London after completing my bachelor’s degree in Psychology and Management was just the continuation of my childhood calling to draw and paint. As a kid, I won several art competitions—and one of

An Encounter With Nordic Cuisine

My first visit to Europe was in 2004, when I flew Scandinavian Airlines (SAS) to London for my studies. Thanks to multiple transits, I got to know see a little of Scandinavia before I arrived in London. I was 20, full of hope and energy, and just super excited to be in Europe for the

A Celebratory Note at Year’s End

Christmas is always a joy for me; it is the time for togetherness and starting a new beginning as it is also the coming of the new year! For me, as a Christian, Christmas revolves around my children, exchanging presents, eating turkey, spending time with family. Christmas is not just an end-of- year celebration but

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