Noble By Zab Thai: Eating Well is a Noble Deed

Thai food is, without doubt, one of southeast Asia’s gifts to the culinary world. From coconut-based curries with their complex flavours, to broths that pack heft, the cuisine is certainly worthy of praise of the highest levels. There is no dearth of Thai restaurants in Jakarta with each offering up delectable dishes paying homage to

Ranjit Jose

Catching up with Chef Chris Salans

Known for creating ‘modern Indonesian cuisine’, Chef Chris Salans has been on a whirlwind journey extolling the virtues of Indonesian cuisine overseas. NOW! Jakarta spoke to him about his work and plans for the year ahead Chef Chris Salans. Photo courtesy of ISAMAYA group. It’s been a while since you opened Spice but tell us

Argentina Christmas Dinner

Christmas and New Year celebrations in Argentina represent a very significant tradition. A special family dinner takes place at night in Christmas Eve, the moment of the year when families make an effort to gather together round a table to enjoy a large reunion. Bringing what anyone can offer, all the meals are placed together

Determining the Perfect Cuppa

Tea is not as popular as coffee in Indonesia. This is quite unfortunate because even though tea has become a daily drink, there are still many people who don’t know how to brew it correctly much less choose a good quality brand. It’s International Tea Day on 15 December and NOW! Jakarta spoke to tea

From Austin to Jakarta, Tito’s Vodka Makes a Splash

Tito’s Handmade Vodka was officially launched in Indonesia on 31 Oct. Collaborating with Arrack & Spice, the recently opened restaurant and bar in Mega Kuningan, guests were invited to sample cocktails with this vodka from Texas. America’s original craft vodka from Texas arrives in Indonesia. Photo courtesy of Tito's Vodka/NOW!JAKARTA To celebrate the launch of

A Celebratory Note at Year’s End

Christmas is always a joy for me; it is the time for togetherness and starting a new beginning as it is also the coming of the new year! For me, as a Christian, Christmas revolves around my children, exchanging presents, eating turkey, spending time with family. Christmas is not just an end-of- year celebration but

Chavaty, The Popular Japanese Cafe, Arrives in Jakarta

Chavaty, known for its signature tea latte and pastries in Omotesando, Shibuya, Japan, has opened its first international outlet—in Jakarta. The signature dishes in its Jakarta location include Tiramisu with Ceylon Tea, Snow Shake, and Tea Jelly Latte. Photo courtesy of Chavaty/NOW!JAKARTA In Japan, Chavaty is especially popular with long lines seen outside its doors. The cafe’s tea lattes and

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