A man wearing face mask walking in the city
During these tough periods, we have to both protect our body and mind. Photo courtesy of unsplash.com/NOWJAKARTA

We are all desperate to go out now. Some of us may crave our favourite food or feel stressed because we can’t even leave our home for fear of the virus. To make matters worse, your immunity weakens when you are stressed.

Staying at home doesn’t necessarily mean being less productive. In fact, you can have time to love and understand yourself more than usual. Here are some tips to stay sane and stay healthy! Also, don’t forget to wash your hands frequently.

Maintain a routine 

Your life may be less interesting now. But you can still have fun! Since your favourite gym is most likely closed, you can try home workouts every morning before starting work, or after you finish your work.

While working or studying from home gives you plenty of flexibility, don’t just only lay on your bed and play with your phone. You can do other positive activities like rearranging your room, dusting, trying some new recipes, or simply re-watching your favourite movies or series for an hour or two.

Mix up your diet

Since you no longer have that walk at the mall or from your car to the office, diversifying your diet is probably more important due to drastic shift activities more than ever. Making a new meal plan is a good idea. Remember, a healthy diet is one of many ways to combat depression.

Filter information

In a time like this, it’s really easy to get anxious. Be extra careful of information you consume. The wrong information may lead to anxiety faster than the virus itself because.

Believe that everything will get better soon

We may not know for certain when this pandemic will be over. But when you believe things will get better soon, you’ll stay positive, which leads to a positive mental state overall.

Stay connected

Humans are social beings. Even though you are far from loved ones, you can still stay connected. A video call a day can work wonders for loneliness.

It’s okay to be not okay

It’s okay to be stressed in time like this. Take your time and have a little talk with yourself. You don’t have to feel guilty because doctors, police officers and other people fighting harder than you also share the same feeling. Your stress is just as real. Accept it, get over it and move on.