Thanks to online reservation platforms, booking restaurants and ordering food is now easier than ever. Whatever your need – hosting an event, ordering in on either weekdays or weekend, or giving in to guilty pleasures when the late night hunger attacks – there are now apps and websites that enable you to do so, without moving an inch. Indonesia’s online booking scene may still be on the rise, but it looks like the trend is here to stay.

A go-to app for all foodies in Jakarta, Bali and Bandung, Zomato has an extensive list of restaurants with reviews and information on how to make a booking. It provides a contact number where available, redirection to the restaurant’s preferred booking platform and photos of menus – for some Indonesian diners, this is an imperative element. Founded in 2008, this platform is well established with an extensive library of data. It also covers 24 countries and 14,000 cities. For more info, visit

By Indonesians, for Indonesians. This website covers Bandung, Bali and Jakarta with real-time updates that display restaurants according to their availability. It also has an extensive list of high-end and more affordable restaurants with maps and contact information, as well as facilities such as valet parking, bar, live music and meeting rooms among other categories. For more info, visit:

Chope focuses mainly on restaurant bookings but also provides discounts and vouchers. Booking a restaurant on Chope is similar to booking a flight or hotel. Enter the date and time, number of diners, cuisine choice and location. Voilà, the search result will show you a list of suggestions. For more info, visit:

Open Rice
Created by a Hong Kong-based company, this app lists restaurants in main cities such as Surabaya, Jakarta, Bali, Semarang, Bandung and Yogyakarta along with contact information and reviews. It currently has almost 3.7 million users and 14 million food photos from various restaurants. For more information, visit

This app collaborates with a number of different caterers to provide a variety of delivery options to people in Indonesia. While it boasts chef specialty categories and catering services, the major attraction to BerryKitchen is in its vast offers of bento boxes and lunch packages. For more info, visit

Established since 2010, GO-JEK has an army of freelance drivers who can order food on your behalf and deliver it directly to you. Its app and website make it easy for English and Indonesian speakers alike to pick items off the digital menu on GO-FOOD. For more info, visit

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